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Testing Times for The Woolly Alliance

Looking back at the blog over the last couple of months it is obvious (to myself at least) that my posts are rather short and to the point. Which is actually quite odd, because if there was a ‘blethering’ competition … Continue reading

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Help ma kilt, it’s Ramsay MacSporran!

At long last I can introduce you to Wee Ramsay. He was a long time coming, but for once I am actually quite pleased with how he turned out.  He ‘piped in the haggis’ at the family Burns Supper and … Continue reading

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Better late than never!

I had hoped Wee Black Faced Sheep would return to Stonehaven at least a week ago…….he almost did…..but then came a detour via the Shetland Isles to pick up a couple of balls of yarn from Jamieson’s. Do you remember … Continue reading

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Reflections of 2013

A week ago Aurelie wrote a beautiful and sensitive post explaining her need to be quiet this Christmas and knowing we would all understand. She left us with words of thoughtful contemplation and was confident I could take the reins … Continue reading

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Woolfest – Episode 4: Gotland, what else?

While my dear co-blogger is relaxing on white sand beaches, with turquoise sea, and woolly surroundings, I have free reins to tell you about her recent crush on handsome salt-and-pepper hairy boys, with lots of curls and a very tender … Continue reading

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Woolfest – Episode 2: It’s not yarn… it’s pre-yarn!

Disclaimer: We/I stupidly forgot to take pretty pictures of the Woolfest hall, stands and things like that. Only thing I have to share is a few pictures of cute animals. The pictures are not always excellent (understatement), but the lighting … Continue reading

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Bring me some Guiness, it is nearly Saint Patrick’s day.

It is March, the month that Ireland and it’s many descendants worldwide, celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. I confess religion does not play a big part in my life and so I know little of the history behind this much-loved Saint.  … Continue reading

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