Support for Patterns by Aurelie Colas

You will find here tutorials, progress photos, tips, etc. which apply to some specific designs by Aurelie Colas.

Antoine and Lorraine

Antoine and Lorraine are two designs which feature similar techniques. Both are reversible garments, which are constructed out of two identical layers, bound together by hand stitching (whip stitch).

  • Whip stitch

Catch the edge stitch of both layers, always picking both strands of the stitches. Pull the yarn through. Repeat, always poking from the same side, and into each pair of edge stitches for consistent stitching.

The stitches should not be too snug. They should lay on the edge with an even tension. Improperly tensioned whip stitches can cause the edges to pucker or to flare out.

Tip: Practice on your swatch.

How to work a whip stitch

How to work a whip stitch

  • Assembling the layers

Both Antoine and Lorraine require the assembly of two identical layers, so as to form a double-sided, truly reversible, fabric. In order to bind the two layers together, one must whip stitch together the two layers, along the visible seams and lines of picked up stitches.

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