Christmas under The Saltire

Christmas under The SaltireChristmas under The Saltire is a collection of accessories and toys, inspired by Scotland and its traditions and history, to bring a little bit of this wonderful and welcoming country to your home as Christmas and winter approach. It also contains a little bit of France, with a traditional board game perfect for some quality family time.

This eBook will include 4 items (or more, time permitting). The first pattern, Christmas Scot-ing, is leading the collection, along with the perfect matching cushions: Knit, Steek and Cuddle. The third design, Sheepy Draughts and a Wolf Too was born on the train in North-East Scotland. Stuff a Spiral: a reversible drawstring bag is my take on Santa’s sack, and is the fourth design of the collection.

The Saltire is the name of the Flag of Scotland. White “X” cross over a blue background, it naturally guided the choice of colours for this collection.

All boardSheepy Draughts… and a Wolf Too!
A traditional board game: a checkerboard, and sheep pieces
by Aurelie Colas

“ Somewhere on the train from Aberdeen to Inverness (Scotland), there was a little hill with a flock of sheep having a nap in the sun. Some of the sheep were white, some were dark. And they were scattered all over the hill like a checkerboard. They were playing Sheepy Draughts, for sure. ”

Whether you choose to play the draughts with your loved ones, or teach a young child how to play the “sheep and the wolf” (rules included in the pattern), whether you build tall “towers” of sheep with a toddler, or simply use the checkerboard as a cosy blanket or a playmat, the possibilities are endless to enjoy the Sheepy Draughts.

Sheep Playing

BONUS! Demonstration of a game won by the wolf can be found here, whereas a demonstration of a game won by the sheep can be found here!

Ravelry Link to pattern page (buy now)

Christmas Scot-ingChristmas “Scot”-ing
A fully-lined stocking with Fair Isle Detail by Aurelie Colas

For me, Christmas and the end-of-year festivities carry the idea of family, and sharing. Stockings are not a tradition in France where I grew up, but here, in Scotland, things are different. I want my little one to remember where he grew up, so decided to knit him a “Christmas ‘Scot’-ing” to hold those memories inside.

It was with Scotland (and Fair Isle) in mind that I charted this design. As for the yarn… Well, I believe the yarn chose me! And “told” me it wanted to become a very special thing and was just waiting for my needles.

And so… I bring you a Christmas stocking for the special little person in your heart.

Size: Knitted in the recommended yarn, this stocking will measure approximately 45 cm (18 in) in circumference, 55 cm (21 1/2 in) from cuff to point of heel, and 40 cm (15 3/4 in) from heel to toe.

The 14-Page Pattern includes: Detailed charts in colours and/or symbols for all colourwork sections. Extensive written directions. Photos and schematics. Sewing template and detailed instructions to cut, sew and assemble lining. The chart for the lettering section does not include the complete alphabet. However it contains the letter “A” as in the sample for guidance, and charts to design your own embellishment.

Pattern also includes a description of New Lanark, where the yarn comes from, and of Huntly Castle, Scotland, which provided the perfect scenery to photograph this “Christmas Scot-ing”. More about New Lanark and Huntly Castle can be read in this post (for the former) and this post (for the latter), where the Christmas Scot-ing made its first appearance.

Ravelry Link to pattern page (buy now)

Knit Steek and Cuddle - 01Knit, Steek and Cuddle
Knit it. Steek it. Love it.
by Aurelie Colas

“ Originally designed to complement the Christmas “Scot”-ing, these cushions quickly became loveable favourite items of the household.

Filled with traditional design elements, with a modern twist, they will bring warmth and cosiness to your home all winter. ”

Knitted in the recommended yarn at the correct tension, this cushion has instructions for two sizes:

  • Small: to fit a 35 cm x 35 cm (13 3/4 in x 13 3/4 in) cushion pad,
  • Large: to fit a 50 cm x 50 cm (19 3/4 in x 19 3/4 in) cushion pad.

Instructions in brackets [] refer to the Large size.

Yarn requirement:
Samples shown use New Lanark Pure Wool DK:

  • (A): 2 [3] x 50 g, in Shade: Ecru (white) on both samples
  • (B): 2 [3] x 50g, in Shade: Sky (light blue) [Pebble (light grey)]
  • (C): 1 [1] x 50 g, in Shade: Denim (darker blue) [Gritstone (darker grey)]
  • (D): 1 [1] x 50 g, in Shade: Navy (navy) [Natural Black (Black)]

Knit Steek and Cuddle - 02Buttons:
With a very rustic look, the wooden buttons pictured are home-made (out of curtain-rods). A blog post about them can be read here.

8-Page Pattern includes:
Detailed charts for all colourwork sections. Extensive written directions and photos.

It also includes Photo-tutorials for:

  • I-Cord bind-off,
  • Applied I-cord on cast-on row, and
  • Crocheted reinforcement for steeking.

Ravelry Link to pattern page (buy now)

Stuff a Spiral - CoverStuff a Spiral: Reversible Drawstring Bag
Engineered reversibility: Built-in drawstring case, cute on both sides
by Aurelie Colas

One can never have enough bags. Bags are fun, highly practical, and a nice way to experiment with new techniques.

Stuff a Spiral: Reversible Drawstring Bag is stuffed with interesting techniques: knitted all in one piece; completely seamless; fully reversible; with double knitting to create a balanced fabric which looks perfect on both sides; and a fully enclosed drawstring case which works with both sides of the bag.

Note that Stuff a Spiral is big enough to carry a complete game of Sheepy Draughts… and a Wolf Too!

Stuff a Spiral - montageSize: The bag measures approximately 70 cm (28 in) in circumference, and 40 cm (16 in) high.

Ravelry Link to pattern page (buy now)

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