Designs by Aurelie Colas

« If only there were more than 24 hours in a day, I would spend these extra hours knitting and making things. The design process, to me, is more of a journey, where maths and engineering cross the path of traditions and creativity.

Most of the things I make, whether knitting or not-knitting (why, yes, there is a world beside knitting!?), are about the challenge: I like to challenge myself, and to challenge my brain. But I also enjoy the sheer satisfaction of a simple and pretty design, which is pleasing to the eye and a joy to wear. »


Science Sock Club - eBookThe “British Inventors and Scientists eBook” is a collection of six sock designs inspired by British Inventors and Scientists (or their work).

(want to see the designs already published? look here)

Note: the collection is still incomplete. I am late on the publication of the latest design. I am really sorry about it. It will come hopefully very soon.



Castle Fraser throughout the Year“Castle Fraser throughout the Year” is a collection of accessories, inspired by one of the grandest Scottish baronial tower house, its architecture, decoration and history. (read more)



Christmas under The Saltire“Christmas under The Saltire” is a collection of accessories and toys, inspired by Scotland and its traditions and history, to bring a little bit of this wonderful and welcoming country to your home as Christmas and winter approach. It also contains a little bit of France, with a traditional board game perfect for some quality family time. (read more)



Single Patterns

All designs can be found on my Ravelry page. Part of the designs that have not been published as part of a collection or an ebook can be found on this page (work in progress… doesn’t contain the most recent ones).

Here is an overview of these stand-alone designs…


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