About us

Aurélie Colas is a compulsive knitter; if you are very lucky (like spotting a rare breed of sheep!) you may find Aurelie the scientist and engineer.  Although her brain pretends to be rather rational, she is totally unable to estimate knitting times and always has an incredible number of works on the needles and far too many design ideas in her mind.  Other noticeable facts are an addiction to coffee (‘but she can stop anytime’, she told me so!), bread and patisseries, and a yarn and fibre stash providing good insulation for her home and most of the street!

“Aurelie is a knitting wizard…..she has a mathematical brain like no other.  As my friend, advisor and pattern checker, I would be lost without her”  – Janice

Also known as spinnygonzalez on Ravelry, you can also contact Aurélie by email:
spinnygonzalez [at] gmail [dot] com

Janice Anderson says that she is technically the ‘auld’ part of the Woolly Alliance, but I’d rather say that she is more experienced. As a knitting designer, she is happiest when sketching whacky animal characters then bringing them to life on her needles (I think she knits with magic wands, but shh… this is a secret!). Although her brain pretends to be totally irrational, she juggles with verve between her designer, knitter and tutor hats. She too has numerous projects on the go at the one time, as well as workshop ideas and passing thoughts.  As for stash, Janice claims a totally un-rational addiction to buying only one skein at a time (unlike me who “sensibly” buys stash yarn in quantities suitable to finish a few jumpers).

“Janice is incredibly modest about her designs. But as a friend, I feel like I need to raise my voice so everyone knows how much creativity she has and how brilliant and clever her designs are. I feel extremely lucky to have met her!”  – Aurélie

Also known as whippety on Ravelry, you can also contact Janice by email:
whippetystourie[at] gmail [dot] com

The Auld (Woolly) Alliance was born out of a wish to put together our different backgrounds and cultures, and mix them into stories and patterns to share with the knitting community while enjoying ourselves. Of course, The Auld (Woolly) Alliance refers to our nationalities (Scottish and French) and our friendship… with a woolly twist!

You can contact both authors by filling the form below or by emailing The Auld Woolly Alliance: theauldwoollyalliance [at] gmail [dot] com

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