The Auld Woolly Alliance goes… intercontinental!

Dear All,

It has been a very very very long time in the planning and realisation, but I can now say that I am (temporarily I hope!) moving away from the UK to a far far far away country where the weather is far too hot for this little knitter fully acclimated to the Scottish weather!

This is also the cause of our silence for more than a year, as I was in the dark entirely as to when anything might happen, and all planning was made very complicated. Among many things that happened in the “planning” phase this past year-and-a-bit, I can also let you know that I got married to my long-suffering fiancé, after many years of engagement. But well, some time last year we signed the paper in the ever-so-pretty Marischal College, in Aberdeen. A very important place for us, with only a few close friends and family, for a very relaxed, low-key, no-fuss wedding. It was a perfect day, with all the Scottish weather in the same day: from sun, to rain, to hail and snow!

And yes, of course I knit a little something for myself and for our daughter! A stole for me, and a cardigan for her. Actually, I had first knit a little summery bolero, but as time was approaching, the weather forecast turned to cold, and I quickly whipped up a long sleeve warm cardi in a very woolly and cosy DK, to keep her warm on the day. It was so cold that the bolero didn’t get to be worn, even indoors. And no, I didn’t have anything warm to wear myself. Cue: see above for “fully acclimated to Scottish weather”.

As for the move, it’s all happening now, and at this precise moment, my house is pretty much empty, with most of my “life” put in storage, and the rest ready to be put into suitcases.

…Which brings me to one of the trickiest decisions a knitter has to do: how to pack for months, possibly years, of knitting? As you may guess, my suitcases have more yarn and knitting (and sewing) supplies than actual clothes. My personal wardrobe is pretty thin anyway, especially in the “hot summer clothes” department, so that is more room for yarn! Still, it was really hard to pick “what goes” and what doesn’t. *sigh*



So, what happens to The Auld Woolly Alliance? Well, business as (almost) usual! I have packed my designs-in-progress and hope that, once settled, I shall have my brain back and manage to concentrate on publishing the couple designs which are so close to completion.

While I was planning, waiting, packing, planning some more, and living day-to-day, Janice has been busy designing, teaching workshop, and we are currently working on preparing our first ever show! The Auld Woolly Alliance will be at Perth Festival of Yarn! The chances of me being there in person are very thin, but some of my designs will.


In the meantime, while I’m finishing packing the suitcases for the whole family, I have a little offer for you. As it stands, I may have to temporarily mothball my activities while I sort out the taxes, legal matters, etc. So before I do so, and if there is something that you fancy in my Ravelry store, I am happy to offer you 15% off every single self-published pattern on my Ravelry shop, from now until July 3rd! Just use the coupon code embracingchange at check-out.


Next time I write, I shall be far far away, in the Middle-East. Probably standing by the air-con vents…


Farewell, my friends. Wish me luck for the journey, I might need it.

Always woolly yours,


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9 Responses to The Auld Woolly Alliance goes… intercontinental!

  1. salpal1 says:

    Best of luck! I hope they have internet and shipping wherever you land. 🙂

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Thank you! Internet, mostly… and shipping possibly, but it probably depends what! I’m definitely planning on coming back as often as possible, and refill my yarn and fibre stash then 😛

  2. Very best wishes for your travels and your future – I’ll continue to enjoy your stories when you have time to post them. Your wedding stole is beautiful and I recognise the pretty church from the pic as it is near where I live. Lorna x

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Thank you, Lorna. We didn’t get married in the church but had the most wonderful lunch in the restaurant across 😉
      I will definitely try to post more regularly once I am settled there. Aurelie x

  3. Ragnhild says:

    Good Luck in your new country, and hope to see you soon again.
    Ragnhild x

  4. Gillian says:

    Best of luck Aurelie. Looking forward to seeing what inspiration far far away brings you for future designs!
    Your stole is very beautiful. Congratulations on your wedding.
    Hopefully our paths will cross again one day.
    Gillian x

  5. MrsEgg13 says:

    So much change! Although there will be challenges, you will learn and grow and thrive throughout. I know that your Woolly partner will miss you deeply. Wishing you the best possible experience and the quickest return to Scotland. Hoping to see you on here soon and often.

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