Yarn Fest Fever


It is that time of year again. For the last couple of months, Woolfest has been mentioned at knit group as least once or twice during the evening. We are heading to Cumbria as a group of six this year. Our hotel is booked (Thanks Dx), our bus booked (Thanks to Scottish Fibres) and our excitement is building by the day. My own mind is working overtime…. less than 3 ¹⁄₂ weeks away…24 sleeps! My two heads are wrestling …

WOOLFEST YARN HEADS                                                                                       Sensible Head:                                                                                                                              “I will take a small amount of cash and spend only within my budget, I will not take any plastic! Absolutely not!…Definitely NO! I do NOT need more yarn!”

That one skein of yarn….

Emotional Head:                                                  “But… what if I spend all my cash and then spot that one skein of yarn…that one magical skein… (which I am unlikely to ever knit!) that will make my life complete!                                                                        I absolutely certainly need plastic…it is a life or death situation! I would be stupid beyond belief to leave my plastic at home!”

I think I may be developing early onset Yarn Fest Fever…

Yarn Fest Fever (Symptoms and Treatment)                                                                   Patients suffering from Yarn Fest Fever will display one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety  (Often regarding money, patients may collect loose change in jars for up to 12 months prior to onset of fever.)
  • Nervousness (Especially around yarn shops)
  • Insomnia
  • Irrational behaviour (Including the hoarding of yarn recepticals, e.g. canvas bags, rucksacks, baskets or trying to source a tow-bar and trailer.)
  • Night fever (Not to be confused with night sweats and hot flushes)
  • Sleep talking (Knitting, sheep, fibre, crochet of craft related conversation)

“If left untreated the fever could prove emotionally fatal. Great care must be taken to be kind and generous to the patient. Large gifts of money and constant reassurance will likely restore the mind back to its normal state. At this time of year, a full recovery can be expected in around 2 ¹⁄₂ weeks (Or 26 sleeps)” – Dr Whippety

If you suspect that you too could be suffering from the fever I would suggest forwarding the above information to all friends and family, especially those with loads of pennies!


And, now for something a little more serious…


On Sunday 10th September, when Woolfest is all but a distant memory The Auld Woolly Alliance will be attending Perth Festival of Yarn, 2017, with our own little shop!

I hope we still have a little time to purchase some skeins of loveliness as the list of vendors looks rather exciting!

Finally, if you are making the journey to Perth, please pop along to see us, it would be so lovely to meet you!



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