Gift-Along 2015: Little People’s wardrobes

Two weeks into the Indie Design Gift-Along * event, the chatter has slowed down only marginally as everyone is busy knitting and crocheting away on their many projects. At this time, there are over 650 projects have been completed by the many participants. And watching all the pretty project adds seriously to my to-knit list. I have also officially entered the “I-want-to-knit-all-the-things” mode.

Anyway, I promised you some Eye Candy related to the Gift-Along, so let me start with my main focus at the moment: replenishing the Little People’s wardrobes. There are so many cute things designed by talented designers out there that it is hard to resist. Besides, Little Man is outgrowing his favourite jumpers, and Little Miss could do with another couple more…

Quickly purchased and currently on my needles is Fold, by Wondrlanding. I love the modern look of this little dress, the oversized collar with the extra ‘fold’ all over the front and over the collar. I look very much forward to finishing it and seeing Litte Miss in it. I have picked a soft merino, Bordeaux-ish colour, from very deep stash. I like the yarn a lot, and the solid colour shouldn’t distract from the folds.

Fold by Wondrlanding (© Wondrlanding)


Belle Isle, by Heidi Atwood-Reeves is another one that fell into my shopping basket. I am thinking of knitting it with some 100% Bamboo soft yarn I have in stash for added drape. I would need to swatch first… This one will likely jump on the needles when spring eventually comes.

Belle Isle by Heidi Atwood-Reeves (Photography © Heidi Atwood-Reeves)

Little Miss is already the lucky recipient of a cute Roseberry, by Ann Kingstone (also a Gift-Along participant), knit by Janice. The long coat with the deep hood is roomy, adorable and very cosy and lovely. So in theory, she doesn’t need another knit jacket until she outgrows this one.

Roseberry by Ann Kingstone (Photography © Verity Britton)

However, how can one resist the cuteness of the Baby + Toddler Tiered Coat (by Lisa Chemery)? Last year, I eyed this pattern quite a lot, but it didn’t quite fall into my basket. This year, I couldn’t resist any longer. This one may jump soon on the needles, if the yarn I’m thinking of using works with the pattern.

Baby + Toddler Tiered Coat by Lisa Chemery (Photography © Lisa Chemery)


For the Little Man, I haven’t decided quite yet what garment I would like to knit. I have just finished a jumper for him (not a Gift-Along eligible pattern), so it should leave me a little time to decide what to knit next. However, the Abate (by Alicia Plummer) I knit for him last year for the Gift-Along has probably been his most favourite jumper all year, so I am thinking of knitting him another one. I have the perfect red in stash, but he has decided against it… For the moment, I’m waiting for him to change his mind (ha ha ha). And if not, well, I’ll consider knitting another green jumper, then!

Abate by Alicia Plum (Photography © Alicia Plum)

As for accessories, I would also need to knit Little Man another pair of mittens. A few years ago, I knit him a pair of Ringo & Elwood by Barbara Gregory, which now keep the hands of Little Miss toasty. Maybe I should just knit another (larger) pair? They are so happy and funny.

My interpretation of Ringo & Elwood by Barbara Gregory, stranded in the pattern, but I used the double-knitting technique in these little mittens

Finally, Intrepid Fox by Ella Austin has been on my to-knit list for a looooong time, and I think I have the right orange / rust and brown in stash to do it justice. Maybe I should just cast on… However, the question remains whether it would be a gift to Little Miss or Little Man. Or maybe I should just keep it for myself. Isn’t it cute?

Intrepid Fox by Ella Austin (Photography © Ella Austin)

Have I finished anything, you may wonder. Well, yes! First pattern bought, quickly on the needles, and quickly off. The large needles and yarn (Aran weight) made for a lightning fast knit.. It’s my only completed project in the Gift-Along so far, and I am ridiculously happy with it. The design is Tutu Top by Lisa Chemery, and I used some leftovers from a jumper I knit for myself a couple years ago for the main colour. And I bought a ball of one of my favourite yarns: Rowan Kid Classic in a very matching orange, which got used up almost to the last yard. Feel-good bonus: it’s probably the quickest ever that a yarn purchase has made it to the needles and off.

Little Miss’s Tutu Top (Photography © Aurelie Colas). Tutu Top is designed by Lisa Chemery.

Isn’t it a cute top? I am now toying with the idea of attempting a pair of legwarmers with the leftovers of the Tutu Top. I have recently been lucky to win a copy of Tiny Treads by Joeli in a sock knit-along, and I am very very tempted to knit a pair of Geppetto legwarmers. Looking at the directions, the stitch pattern should be perfect for the variegated yarn. I’m only hoping I have enough leftovers; otherwise I’ll just have to go buy some yarn…

Geppetto by Joeli (Photography © Joeli Caparco)

What about you? Have you started any gift-along knitting? Have you completed any?


Happy knitting,

Aurelie / spinnygonzalez


PS: a few useful links:

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One Response to Gift-Along 2015: Little People’s wardrobes

  1. frogginette says:

    These are all so lovely. As you already know I’m a big fan of your Tutu Top version, so cool in these colors! Thanks for the kinds words about my patterns!

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