The Indie-Design Gift-Along is Back (…and so am I)

Long time no see… Apologies for falling off the radar. The past months have been pretty busy on several fronts, and blogging had fallen a bit off the priority list. I can’t thank Janice enough for being patient and continuing to write on the blog alone.

Somehow, the last few days of November are already upon us… And it is this time of year again when Indie Designers band together to bring knitters and crocheters a great event on Ravelry: the Indie Design Gift-Along*. This year, Janice couldn’t participate, so I am the only representative of the Auld Woolly Alliance.


Like last year, the event starts with a sale: get 25% off selected designs from each participating designers. I have selected 9 of my designs to be part of the sale, and you will find them here. There are newer and older patterns, quick(er) knits, whimsical designs (like the Hobby Horse for Little Knights!), but also all-time favourites like the Woodcarving or the Christmas Scot-ing. Use coupon-code giftalong2015 at check-out, the sale runs until November 27th at midnight EST.

Aurelie's Collage - Gift-Along 2015

Aurelie’s Collage – Gift-Along 2015

But the Indie Design Gift-Along is not just a sale event: it is mainly a great knit- and crochet- along. To participate, you may knit / crochet any pattern from any participating designer. Every project from a for-sale pattern entitles you to an entry in the prize draw, and there are dozens of prizes to win, and hundreds of electronic prizes too. On top of the knit- / crochet- alongs, there are also games, and a lot of chatter, enabling and camaraderie. Go have a look, it’s a lot of fun!

Wannabe Opadooper Badge

Join in the Opadoo Challenge! Wear your badge!

Finally, for those who like a challenge, there is the Head to Toe Ultimate Gifting Challenge, for which the contestants are entered in a prize draw to win a super prize. This Ultimate Challenge, also renamed the Opadoo Challenge (named after the octopus costume of a cute little person), consists in crafting one project for each of the height categories (inc. adult garments, shawls, socks, etc.). Needless to say I have absolutely no chance of completing said challenge. More exactly, I shouldn’t even start to think about it, as my to-do list is already overflowing.

But I couldn’t resist, and I’ve started my first project for my Opadoo challenge. At this point, my Baby/Child entry is almost complete! Pictures when it is finished, blocked and all, along with links to some of my favourite patterns in the Gift-along in a future post… Stay tuned!

Now I’m curious… Are you already planning your Opadoo Challange? Have you started it?

Come and join in! *
Happy knitting and crocheting, happy gift-along!

Aurelie / spinnygonzalez


PS: a few useful links:

*: You need to be logged into Ravelry for these links to work.

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3 Responses to The Indie-Design Gift-Along is Back (…and so am I)

  1. knotrune says:

    I am planning an Opadoo, but I have only cast on a hat and a superchunky shawl so far. I have been busy finishing my other insane, oddly named internet challenge, NaNoWriMo! I finished that today though, so hopefully will knit more tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Well done for finishing NaNoWriMo. I had hoped to go for NaNoSweMo but the idea of counting my stitches put me off.

      Yay for starting two Opadoo projects already. I keep on finding new things to knit for the Baby/Child category, so it’s not going to lead me anywhere close to taming that Opadoo!

      Knit, knit like the wind, and knit aaaaaall the things! πŸ™‚

      • knotrune says:

        Thanks πŸ™‚ my opadoo was going well until my Dad told me my second cousin just had a baby and can I make something. No problem, except that the baby’s mother is from Mongolia so of course I want to make something Mongolian, and of course there is no GAL pattern, or even a Ravelry pattern, so I am designing a traditional Mongolian hat in crochet… great fun, but not helping my opadoo! πŸ™‚

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