Making progress…..

Firstly, I would like to say ‘thank you’ for the encouraging comments received after my last post. Wearing my New Years resolution ‘hat’ has certainly provided new enthusiasm for jobs and tasks which have been idle for way too long. Unfortunately, you may notice (by my minimal contributions), this work ethic has yet to extend to my participation in The (Auld) Woolly Alliance blog and Ravelry group. Thank goodness for the lovely Aurelie, who despite her hands being ever full, keeps everything going regardless.

Today I have returned with a wee update and once again I must say how good it feels to be on this path, I would encourage you all to try it if you can.

Roseberry by Ann Kingstone

Roseberry by Ann Kingstone

My progress in the last month has been very satisfying. In the knitting department I have finished ‘Roseberry’, intended as a 1st birthday gift for a certain ‘little lady’, who at this tender age (Judging by Aurelie’s stories) is already on the way to achieving notoriety. Not,  one would imagine, as the world’s youngest knitter but by becoming a baby version of Alain Robert, the French ‘Spiderman’!

Roseberry started life as Escape which I began knitting 5 or so years ago, when I was…. thinner! On resurrecting this WIP I realised my current body would not allow access to this lovely Louisa Harding design. Nor had I purchased enough yarn to make a larger size. A little frogging was required…and ‘little M’ became the new beneficiary of Roseberry by Anne Kingstone.


Next on the wip list was a project started just over 2 years ago when a past Rowan colleague began a ‘Square a Week’ crochet challenge on her blog, Made with Loops. Needless to say, life got in the way and after only three weeks my squares were stuffed in a bag and forgotten…until now! Sorry Heike! I have named my cushion after you as a mark of respect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My daughter loves her new cushion…..Do you remember that trunk from the previous post?

My proudest accomplishment since starting this journey has to be my latest cushion. In 1988 my husband bought me a Kaffe Fasset tapestry kit for our first wedding anniversary.  I completed the tapestry in 1998, had it stretched in 2008 and have finally completed the cushion in April 2015. Thank goodness it is a ‘timeless’ design!

Kaffe Fasset Cushion born 1988

Kaffe Fasset Cushion born 1988

When I began writing this post (I am slow at this too!), I was proud to say that I had now reached a point where the only WIP’s left were ‘promises’, i.e. projects which I had listed on my Ravelry page but had not actually cast on. The first, Aurelie’s beautiful Grillage socks and the second Lush from Tin Can Knits.

Despite the photo the socks are almost complete, I just need my mum’s dainty wee feet to model them. The Whippety household has only Hobbit feet available for photography.

Mindless knitting

Mindless knitting

Can you believe I am finally in control of my knitting? Two projects on the needles and only one long-term knit (To pick up when only mindless knitting is possible). My detox is complete!

A few weeks ago I found this little ditty on Facebook. It was so relevant I had to share it with you as it made me laugh so much. And, we do need to laugh more, right?

I am passing this on as it worked for me today. A doctor on TV said that in order to have inner peace in our lives, we should always finish things that we started.

Since we could all use more calm in our lives I looked around our house to find things I had started but not finished. I finished a bottle of Merlot and a bottle of Chardonnay, a boodle of Bailey’s and a budle of wum, the mainder of Valiuminum scriptions, and a box of choclutz. You huz no idr how fablus i feelz rite now. Sned this to all yur frenz who nids inner piss and tell um i luv um.

P.S. For those of you interested in DIY progress. The ‘door’ is restored and back in place, the ‘trunk’ has a loving new home and is beginning a new career, as a handbag holder! My skills in wallpaper removal have returned with vengeance and in the process I found this tiny piece of original wallpaper, 100+ years old! (I would like to note here that the glue used in the early 20th century, I think from horse hooves, was much, much, MUCH stronger than today’s wallpaper paste!)

Amazingly, the colour has been completely preserved in time. With a little (Or, perhaps quite a lot) of imagination……One can see this room would have made quite a statement in Volcano Red.

Meanwhile, I am off to see if I have anything else lying around that requires finishing….Chink, chink….See yuz all agin vary snoon, botumz up! x

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6 Responses to Making progress…..

  1. spinnygonzalez says:

    You are so busy. And so few WIPs on the needles, it almost makes me dizzy. Well done you.
    So… are you going for a similar Volcano Red for that room? Could be interesting…

  2. MrsEgg13 says:

    Dearest Whippety,

    There must be something in the air because so many of us have been doing the same things: catching up with WIPs, using what we already have, etc. It makes life a whole lot lighter and more gratifying, that’s for certain. Your Finished Items are, as expected, beautiful and lifelong heirlooms. You are an inspiration to those of us who need a nudge in the direction of finish-what-you-started. You deserve to feel proud! 🌟
    ~Linda xxx

    • whippety says:

      I am so glad my journey is inspiring you too Mrs Egg. It makes me smile to thing of all those stashed balls of yarns making an appearance on eager needles. Are you finishing off anything other than yarn…Hiccup!

  3. Susan says:

    SO funny, the finishing entry of course :), but the Roseberry sweater is GORGEOUS! as is the tapestry! Thanks.

  4. Gillian says:

    You have been so busy Whippety and what beautiful things you have been making! Good for you! I especially love your tapestry and I think little Miss M must be the best dressed baby in Scotland. Gorgeous!
    As always you are inspiring me to pick up my knitting again… which has been at a standstill here for a few weeks.
    I do hope to see you very soon xx
    PS I like the volcano red!

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