With Gratitude

It has been over a month since I last posted on the blog. This post would have been a very fitting entry for the Playful Day challenge, since the theme for the last week of April was ‘Gratitude’. Let’s say it is a belated contribution…

I have had the opportunity to reflect on a few things recently, and I have been focusing on things I am grateful for. What best way to reflect and ponder than to sit and spin and let the fluffy clouds transform into orderly yarn by the magic of twisting and drafting? After many months of inaction, I re-installed my little trusty wheel in front of the window facing the garden. I sat in front of it, with a lovely braid of fibre generously sent to me from across the pond. The fibre was new-to-me (100% Falkland), the colours were exactly all the colours that make my heart sing. And it was a pleasure to spin.

‘With Gratitude’ is the name I gave to this skein of yarn: it may not be technically faultless, but its unevenness is character to me. With a bit of kindness, it is a perfect squishy skein.


Remember the Daffodils ©Aurelie Colas 2015 Photo ©Jenny Rose Photography

Remember the Daffodils
©Aurelie Colas 2015
Photo ©Jenny Rose Photography

Speaking of kindness…

For the second time, I have been able to make a donation to Aberdeen SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society), on behalf of knitters around the world who have kindly purchased a copy of Petit Prince and Little Star, or of Remember the Daffodils (or the associated ebook) in the past year. Thanks to all of you, £27 have been raised and donated to help create and maintain a lovely Baby Memorial Garden, located on the grounds of Hazlehead Cemetery in Aberdeen, in the “baby corner”. This little garden provides a place to sit and remember, and brings a little bit of peace to bereaved families.

Many many thanks,
Aurelie/spinnygonzalez PS: For more information about SANDS, and in particular SANDS Aberdeen, their website can be found here.

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2 Responses to With Gratitude

  1. Susan says:

    Your yarn is lovely and thank you for the donation to the garden…….appropriate kindness.

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