A kind of ‘Spring Clean’ feeling.

I made a promise back in January to keep you all posted of my progress during this ‘sabatical’ period in my life. Almost 3 months has passed and my initial estimation of six months off work is starting to look like an under estimate…..No surprise there.…If you know me well x



Despite my desperate lack of time management skills, I am rather pleased with my progress so far. There is not one single thing startling, inspirational or brilliant about any of my achievements, but on a personal level, my head is much clearer having reached this point. I have finally completed many tasks which I have procrastinated over for far too long. Let me fill you in with the details.


Swedish Heritage

Swedish Heritage

First there was my New Year resolution of completing all WIP’s before casting on anything new. I am proud to admit that I have dedicated all of my knit time to this task. It has rewarded my soul.

I began this ‘finishing’ journey with 2 pairs of socks, Brucie and Swedish Heritage, both of which had been on my needles from between 12 – 24 months! (Technically both projects were finished in 2014. However, I am so pleased I am cheating!).

Next off my needles was Tinker Headband, followed quickly by Flying Dutchman and Star Illusion cowl. Yeehaw!!

February arrived and my eldest was delighted to receive Cosy Cabled Slouchy Socks after a two-year wait! (Did I ever speak of my second sock syndrome?)

Cosy Cabled Slouchy Socks

Cosy Cabled Slouchy Socks

By mid February my gift box (new for 2015) had accepted Meredith Mix Up as well as Stash Enhancing Festival Bag. (A test crochet….I am cheating again!).

March produced Log Cabin Cushion, ‘Bunting’ (a further crochet test) and an eco-friendly cushion upcycled from an old sweater which was felted by mistake…..about 5 years ago!

I now have only five WIP’s to complete.  One is blocking as we speak, one needs thought and possibly a little help, one is a ‘pick me up when I need something mindless’ project and the other two are ….well….in the early stages 🙂  I honestly cannot remember a time when I last  devoted all of my knit time to personal projects (Likely pre-children) and what fun I have had! I feel cleansed! A kind of ‘Spring Clean’ feeling.



During this cleansing time my DIY skills have also been reawakened.

We have finally succeeded in stopping water penetration to one gable end wall of our home. (Touch wood, fingers and everything else crossed too!) This has allowed us to ‘finally’ redecorate 2 rooms. My son’s room (Who has now left home so this room is really a shrine!) and my youngest daughter’s room (Who is still home……hopefully for as long as possible..x). Over the coming months we hope to complete all four rooms adjoining this newly sealed wall. Although, each time it rains I still hold my breath, nervously waiting and searching for damp patches on my newly painted walls.…..

My next DIY task is mountainous, involving cracked cornice, damp plaster board, fireplace removal, re-upholstery and paint stripping. My sanity will of course be saved by the continuation of my knit, cleanse, finishing resolution. Wish me luck, I am sure to need it!



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10 Responses to A kind of ‘Spring Clean’ feeling.

  1. spinnygonzalez says:

    Wow, you’ve been even busier than I thought, Janice. And so many WIPs knitted up to completion. I’m slightly jealous. Remember I can always send you a few of mine if you ever run out… 🙂

    Aurelie x

    • whippety says:

      Thank you for the offer Aurelie, but I don’t thinks I have enough years left in me to complete all of your WIP’s xx

  2. Gillian says:

    Lovely to see all your beautiful finished knitting projects ( and crochet!) and glad you are finding it very therapeutic. I have never seen your house but bet you have done / are doing a super job at that too xx

  3. Claire (laralorelei) says:

    All that in 3 months? That’s what I call progress, I’d still be procrastinating about where to start

  4. cheekygeeks says:

    Good luck on all this work!! Looking great so far, though!! 😀

  5. Margaret says:

    Well done on the renovations and the WIPs! When you’ve finished the house, we have some painting to be done if you fancy a holiday in Greece….

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