Edinburgh Yarn Festival Wrap-up and Daffodils too

I can’t believe it’s been one week already since returning from Edinburgh. Time flies, and Janice and I have been quite busy, both with work, DIY, knitting, designing, and looking after our families. So… here is a little belated Edinburgh Yarn Festival wrap-up. Janice will probably share about her ‘stash enhancement’ when she gets a chance.

I’ll start with apologies… Because, no, I don’t have any photos of the event. Yes, I had my camera with me, but I also had Little Miss. And it is a bit of an understatement to say that she didn’t quite show the best of her behaviour during the weekend. As a result, I spent most of the time rocking a wriggly angry screaming baby, instead of enjoying the people, colours, yarns, etc. Photos? No time to think much about that, sadly. So you’ll have to imagine… or go to the EYF website where they have put up some wonderful galleries. Want to see us? There we are ūüôā

Little Miss was all cute and still quite well behaved at this point… it was about 10.45am on Saturday. I was still hopeful and somewhat sociable… Photo ¬©Edinburgh Yarn Festival Ltd.

(Photography by Katie Blair Matthews, ©Edinburgh Yarn Festival Ltd, used with permission. Have a look at the fantastic photos from their galleries here.)

The festival was a huge success, and I am really sad of not having had the time and mental bandwidth for it. Since it’s been over, I have seen so many photos of stalls and things which I completely overlooked because of the stress incurred by Little Miss. Anyhow, I managed to speak to some wonderful people, and I would like to thank very very much Emily for putting up with baby screams for over an hour while we were trying to have a chat over coffee and cake. Special thanks to Lindsay for her help on Sunday afternoon. And a huge thank you to the lovely people I met, and in particular to Karie, Louise, Jo, Louise, Isobel, Louise, Hanne, Louise’s Mum, Jess, Louise and Helen. And all the others, but I only met 4 Louises.

Aurelie's stash enhancement - EYF 2015

Aurelie’s stash enhancement – EYF 2015

In the meantime, I get to enjoy my small but perfectly formed stash. 100% British yarn: some DK (Brigantia, from Yorkshire), some fingering (Ripples Craft and Ginger Twist Studio, both from Scotland), some lace weight (Squeaky Elliot Yarns, from Wales), 2 greys, 1 gold and 1 ‘crushed berries’… which was to be a gift, and has already been handed over to its new happy owner. Lots of buttons, some of which have a project already planned/knitted, some of which are random buys. And the cutest ribbons too. Also, 2 books (filled with brioche and cables), 2 magazines (from Shetland), 5 greetings cards that will help me a LOT when Christmas time comes. Also not in the photos: some Christmas cards to support the chosen charity of the event: the Teapot Trust. And lots of coffee and cake, but these don’t count, right?

(Above, left: Lucy Hague’s lovely book, which I’d been hoping to see in print for ages… and it was an amazing view to see her pile of books disappear so quickly from her table on Saturday. Both Janice and I bought a copy and we are delighted. Right: a close-up of the squishy enhancement)

I am very much looking for the next edition of Edinburgh Yarn Festival… which has just been announced for March 2016 (announcement was today!). Exact date/location to be confirmed, and as soon as I know, I’ll book my weekend and bribe hubby for babysitting, so I can be On. My. Own… (with knitting friends of course!)


Upon my return from Edinburgh, I self-published a very special-to-me design. Remember the Daffodils is the fourth design in the Castle Fraser throughout the Year collection, and these fingerless gloves inspired by the Daffodils which cover the grounds of the castle.

Remember the Daffodils ©Aurelie Colas 2015 Photo ©Jenny Rose Photography

Remember the Daffodils
©Aurelie Colas 2015
Photo ©Jenny Rose Photography

Just like for the Petit Prince and Little Star socks which I published at the same time last year, £1.00 out of every purchase of this pattern will be donated to SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society), a charity which provides support for bereaved families after the loss of their baby.

I wore the fingerless gloves on Saturday at the Festival and got some lovely comments on them. I also met with Louise, one of the very kind testers of the pattern, and it was very special to see her mitt in progress, which looks like a field of daffodils and crocuses. I have cast on for another pair out of handspun yarn (although it’s not my handspun). These were supposed to go in an hypothetical gift box, but I don’t think I’ll be able to part with this pair either.

Every April, the daffodils grow back, as if to show us that our Little Star is still there, but also that life continues…


Woolly yours,
Aurelie / spinnygonzalez

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3 Responses to Edinburgh Yarn Festival Wrap-up and Daffodils too

  1. Susan says:

    Thank you for the update…I KNOW re babies and they know you are ‘stressed’ so they decide to get ‘stressed’ also…….!!! That cable shawl book looks amazing, have fun with that and Daffodils,
    I am still looking a bare ground………soon I hope.

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      (oopsie look like I missed your post, sorry)

      Have the daffodils started to grow eventually? Here, they are in bloom in the garden, but have to cope with hail and freezing rain too. x

  2. Kyaru says:

    I may have to look for some daffodils to plant, because those look amazing. The fingerless gloves are so colorful and whimsical, I wish I had a pair right now! Perhaps there’s a crochet version that I can use… *dashes off to scour Ravelry patterns*

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