Edinburgh: we’re coming!

Edinburgh Yarn Festival -- We're going!

Edinburgh Yarn Festival — We’re going!

Just one more sleep before we board on the train South to Edinburgh. And it’s going to be a short night, as it’s already past midnight, and I haven’t quite started packing… Funnily enough, it’s taking me ages to decide what I am going to bring: projects to knit on, projects to ‘show off’, weather-appropriate clothes, and all the stuff I need to bring for Little Miss too, as she is coming with me of course!

I am very much looking forward to Edinburgh Yarn Festival. The more I read and hear about it, the more I get excited. There will be so many amazing vendors, the most awesome designers, exciting workshops, an art gallery focused on sheep, meet-ups and talks with podcasters, lots of yarn and colours to admire, and  many people I’m dying to meet for real. Yes, I am excited like a child the night before Christmas. And also scared, like a child before the first day at school. Weird!

Wee Cria by Ysolda Teague, and an improvised headband.

Wee Cria by Ysolda Teague, and an improvised headband.

If you are heading that way too, and spot a Little Miss wearing something like this, the closest adult (probably tied to said Little Miss with a lime green sling) should be me…

What you knit is not what you wear…

While I make endless lists of what to bring, what to buy, what to do…, before I jump on the train, I figured I could tell you about my latest pattern release. I had been teasing you a little about it at the end of last post, showing you only the ‘wrong’ side of the socks. Since then, Janice was kind enough to lend her feet for some photos, and her daughter Jenny was patient enough to listen to me and my silly ideas, and take great photos.

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Here is: Inside Out Hypnosis. These socks have been designed to showcase these special variegated yarns that we buy because they are so pretty in the skein, but we are never quite sure what to knit with… Mind you, I think the socks look equally nice with a solid / semi-solid yarn.

Inside-Out Hypnosis Design: ©Aurelie Colas - 2014-2015 Photography: ©Jenny Rose Photography 2015

Inside-Out Hypnosis
Design: ©Aurelie Colas – 2014-2015
Photography: ©Jenny Rose Photography 2015

What you knit is not what you wear…
Knit them, turn them inside out, and voila: an “all-purl” look, hypnotising spirals and comfortable Princess soles… and hardly any purling.

Inside-Out Hypnosis Design: ©Aurelie Colas - 2014-2015 Photography: ©Jenny Rose Photography 2015

Inside-Out Hypnosis
Design: ©Aurelie Colas – 2014-2015
Photography: ©Jenny Rose Photography 2015


And when I am back home, when I have one (or maybe two) night sleep to recover, I will finalize another pattern, very dear to me, and publish it then. A few lovely knitters have already tested the pattern, and it is almost ready to share with you all. I will be wearing the sample at Edinburgh Yarn Festival in the meantime…


Oh, and if you’re heading to Edinburgh Yarn Festival too, and would like to meet, give me/us a shout on Ravelry or email before tomorrow afternoon. Not sure I’ll have access to Internet after that.

Off to bed for the last sleep before heading South. Bounce bounce bounce…

Happy knitting,
Aurelie / spinnygonzalez

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4 Responses to Edinburgh: we’re coming!

  1. Susan says:

    Oh, happy happy travelling!!! Those socks are really eye catching, like them a lot and you are right about ‘those’ variegated yarns. Tricksey 🙂 Have fun………..

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Thank you Susan. I’m sure we’ll have fun. And I shall be wearing the red socks at the festival at some point. 🙂

  2. Gillian says:

    Have loads of fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Smell some yarn and sheep for me!
    Can’t wait to knit those socks xx

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Thanks Gillian. Shame you cannot come this time. I don’t think there will be any animals there, but I shall listen to you and smell plenty of yarn on your behalf. I’m expecting to be a little overwhelmed by the colours and people. Happy knitting, and speak to you soon. x

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