Is it really 2015?

Happy New Year! How nice to see so many of you joining The Auld Woolly Alliance for another year.  The last 12 months brought a few new friends to our pages. Welcome on board everyone and thank you, from both of us, we hope you enjoy all we have to share in 2015.

Aurelie's Gift-a-Long Collage - A selection of participating patterns

Aurelie’s Gift-a-Long Collage and some special moments too x

It has been quite a year……let me explain. 2014 has brought success, recognition, a house move, a new addition, plus many busy, happy and proud events to Aurelie and her family. I know you will join me in wishing them all the best for 2015!

For myself, 2014 brought new workshops, a few new designs, a ‘big 5O’ birthday and a lot of change in family life.

Although it has been an enjoyable and busy year. As a family we decided it was essential for me to have some ‘time out’. I will be having a break from teaching for the next six months. The result of this may be some new topics appearing on The Auld Woolly Alliance pages. Possibly more related to house renovation than knitting, so I do hope I do not bore you……..too much!

My aim is to continue with a little designing during this ‘sabbatical’ period. I can’t quite believe another year past and once again…..I am way off my planned designing schedule! Surprised? I think not!

On a very positive note, it is with great relief pleasure I would like to announce the long-awaited release of Meredith, my first design of 2015! (I am, of course, choosing to ignore the fact that all the work, testing, etc was done in 2014!)

Meredith Sampler Cowl is a brioche design, and hopefully will be one of a collection of brioche patterns to come off my needles. (During the next 50 years!) I would also like to thank my talented daughter Jenny  for her fantastic photography, along with her good friend Lucinda, the most beautiful model. Together they helped make my little cowl look extra special!

Meredith A

Meredith Sampler Cowl

Having now welcomed in another New Year with the Woolly Alliance,  I will sign out and leave you all to get on with your knitting and your many resolutions for 2015. (If you were daft enough to make any?)

Along with my annual resolution of getting fit and loosing weight…ha, ha, ha! This year I added to my list:

Finish all WIP’s before casting on anything new (designing not included)…….I will keep you posted with this one…..wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Is it really 2015?

  1. Susan says:

    Happy New Year! What a gorgeous cowl, have tried many stitches but not the brioche. Maybe next week 🙂

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