Indie Design Gift-Along: Chevrons everywhere

(Following up on last “Indie Design Gift-Along”-focused post… here is another post with lots of pretty pictures…)

Chevrons, I Love Chevrons!

The other day, as I was browsing patterns from participating designers, I kept on day-dreaming of knitting all these lovely colourful patterns. It took me a while to realise that, for many of them, they had one thing in common: they were featuring chevrons!

And then, I looked down at what I was knitting on… and guess what, I was knitting chevrons too!

The Woodcarving - ©Aurelie Colas

The Woodcarving – ©Aurelie Colas

… Yes! On the palm-side of The Woodcarving mittens! Chevrons!!! Aren’t they pretty?
(about the Woodcarving, if you haven’t already, remember that you have until this coming Sunday to redeem your coupon code…)

Apparently, I’m in love with these fun zigzags. And my goal today is to enthuse you over chevrons too!

Chevrons! Chevrons Everywhere!

There is a designer out there who always surprises me with her creativity, original constructions, and sense of humour: Lee Meredith, also known as leethal, has a very unique style. In particular, I am in love with one of her recent collections: “Color by Number”, which contains the fun colourful and “chevron”-ful Color by Number Chevrons Cowl

Color by Number Chevrons Cowl by Lee Meredith

Another design that called my name is Meridith Shepherd’s Color Infusion. The two sided cowl, with two layers of stranded knitting contrasting each other, makes for a striking piece. The colour combination is perfect: bold on one side, more tamed on the other. I would love to cast on this one in the near future!

Color Infusion by Meridith Shepherd

Sophisticated as usual, Alex Tinsley put together in a very pretty cowl the two colours which I can’t resist as a duo: grey and yellow. Her Chevzam is absolutely lovely. And the photography is perfect as always!

Chevzam by Alex Tinsley

More chevrons, and yet another cowl, perfect for these special left-overs which may be lingering about in your stash, Laura Aylor’s Aftermath is simple, yet effective. Knitted in a tube grafted together, it should be a rather quick knit!

Aftermath by Laura Aylor

After so many cowls, I would like to share with you a couple hats, which use different techniques to create the chevrons. First, “vertical” chevrons, a little like my mitts, but constructed totally differently: Roman Hills by Andi Smith is stunning, especially with a variegated background, don’t you think?

Roman Hills by Andi Smith

Finally, the creative use of the slipped-stitches in Mimizan, by Tess Young, makes for a very cool hat! I love it! (… and I’ve been to Mimizan too!)

Mimizan by Tess Young

So… are you a chevron-convert now?

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