Indie Design Gift-Along: Baby and Children “coups de coeur”

(Following up on Janice’s post… here is a post with lots of pretty pictures. And a little bit of the Castle Fraser mystery unveiled…)

Knit and win prizes!

The Indie Design Gift-along is going strong. The opening sale has ended, but most of the festivities are still ahead! There are still hundreds and hundreds of prizes to be won. To participate, just hop over in the Gift-along threads, play in one of the many games, knit along, or just chat and have fun.

All our paid-for patterns are eligible for prizes in the knit-along. As long as you cast on after Nov 13th, and bind off before Dec 31st, you’re good! Post pictures of your finished object, and you get an entry in the big prizes draw. Post pictures of your WIPs, chat along, and it gives you as many chances to be picked at random for even more prizes.

While I participate as a designer and am also a moderator in two of the KALs (all Hats and Head things, all Mitts and Hand things), I am also participating as a knitter. Mostly, I have decided to use my “free time” to knit for my little ones, using some lovely patterns from the participating designers. While browsing designers catalogs of self-published patterns, I kept adding lovely patterns to my knitting queue (and to my library!). Some of the patterns were already on my bookshelves or my digital shelves, and browsing through them reminded me how much I would like to cast on and knit all the things now-now-now.

Pre-blocking, just off the needles, my "Biscuit Milo"

Pre-blocking, just off the needles, my “Biscuit Milo”

One pattern has already made it to my needles, and is finished and blocking right now! And it even enabled me to win a prize (a coupon code for a free pattern) as I posted a progress picture a couple days ago. Isn’t it great?

Because there is no reason why I should suffer from this cast-on-itis alone, I will share with you some of my favourites. And today, I will focus on Baby and Children pretties, since it’s what is on (and off!) my needles at the moment, and at the top of my knitting queue!


My Baby and Children “coups de coeur”:

There are a few patterns on Ravelry that seem to have been knitted by virtually every knitter but me. Milo was one of them… Designed by Georgie Hallam, it is a little vest sized from newborn to 6yo, with a simple garter raglan yoke, and a boxy body with a cable on one side. A very very quick knit, versatile and unisex. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t knitted one already… so I started a Milo 4 days ago, and finished it yesterday. It’s now blocking and it should be just the right size for the Little Miss over the winter months.

Milo – © Georgie Hallam

Next on my needles for the Little Miss is the cutest little dress ever: Summer into Fall. The only reason it has not jumped the queue and is not yet on my needles is that I need to make a swatch… This cute dress is the latest child design from Lisa Chemery, and I can’t wait to knit it!

Summer into Fall – © Lisa Chemery

When I finish Summer into Fall, it will be hard to resist casting on another of Lisa’s designs: Entrechat. This is the cutest bolero, available in many sizes, from baby to child. I would love to have the time to knit a child version for a little girl I know. And Little Miss is likely to have an Entrechat in her wardrobe very soon too!

Entrechat – © Lisa Chemery

As for the Little Man, don’t worry: he will also have an expanded wardrobe thanks to the Gift along! Next on my needles for him is an Abate by Alicia Plummer: a modern looking jumper, very roomy with deep ribbing, which will hopefully grow with him. The collar is very fun too!

Abate – © AliciaPlum

When I need a break from all these little garments, I plan to cast on for an Howlcat (or three), by Alex Tinsley. In my knitting dreams, I would have time to knit one for the Little Man, one for my brother, one for me, and perhaps another couple more… Howlcat is the simplest knit ever, perfect mindless knitting, with a striking result thanks to a little twist of creativity: it transforms from a cowl to a hat, and back to a cowl… It looks like a great knit too for the non-knitty people.

Howlcat – © Vivian Aubrey

Not too sure yet whether I would like to knit the garment I’m listing below for the Little Man or for Little Miss, or for both of them… Inspired by the lovely drawings from William Morris, the very talented Ann Kingstone recently published the most adorable bunny jumper: Sweet William. Perhaps I should just knit it for me, as it also comes in adult sizes!

Sweet William – © Ann Kingstone

A simple (but effective) looking design is Vikki Bird’s Fluffy White Clouds. I like the candid look of the blanket, perfect for a young child, and like an invitation to dream and sleep happily. For the intarsia lovers among you, have a look at Vikki’s work, for lots of cute designs for little ones.

Fluffy White Clouds – © Practical Publishing

Perhaps it’s because I am in a blue phase. Perhaps it’s the cute braid. Perhaps it’s the big pompom… but I love the look of Watkins, by Aimee Alexander. Should I knit one for the Little Man, for one of his friends, or… for me?

Watkins – © getknitty

Finally, there is a collection of hat which brings me a smile every time I look at it. The idea behind the collection and the creativity of the designer are fantastic. Have a look at Paper Hats, by Amy van de Laar. Paper Crown is probably my favourite of the 5 hats, but they all are cute!

Paper Hats – © Amy van de Laar

Aren’t they cute designs? Do you understand now why I want to knit ALL THE THINGS???


There is something else I am working on. Do you remember the Castle Fraser throughout the Year collection?

I have spent a large part of my knitting and designing time recently on the third design in the collection, which I teased you not long ago with a photo of the finished item inside-out.

I am now confident that this design, of which I am quite proud, will be released really soon. I have yet to have decent pictures taken, which can be a challenge this season in our little corner of the world, but I am confident. Just need to wait another week or two.

For those of you who would like to see more of it, look below… If you don’t, close your eyes now 🙂


© Aurelie Colas

© Aurelie Colas

Yes, it’s a mitten. Fully stranded. And lined. With braids. And many colours. I love it.


PS: Yesterday, I made my grand debuts on Twitter. Don’t laugh. I’m too old for these things! If you want to say hi, or see what I’m up to (for when I figure out how it works, you know…), I’m @spinnygonzalez there.


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