Playing with colours

Today, I would like to share a little of my design process with you. I am currently finalizing the third pattern in the collection inspired by Castle Fraser, and I thought you might want a sneak peek…

Remember the gorgeous colours in my newly acquired stash of little balls of Shetland yarn (Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift), which I mentioned in a previous post?

Yummy colours...

Yummy colours…

I told you that within this box were the colours of two of my upcoming designs. Today, I’m unveiling the colours picked for the first design, which will be released in a few weeks… But before that, let me tell you a little about this design, and how it became what it is at the moment.

In one of the rooms of Castle Fraser, there is a little something that is very similar to another little something from France. I knew I had to use this silhouette in one of the patterns of the collection. After quite a while playing with charts, sampling, and a few calculations based on gauge, I came up with complete charts as far as shapes were concerned. Then, I played with colours, lining up colours in my plastic box so I could see them in pairs, in gradients. I tried to find a balanced set of colours, with a little pop too. And started knitting.

This is how the first sample was born. More precisely: the first half of the sample, because this “thing” comes in a pair (can you guess what it is?). I knitted, and knitted, and knitted. Staying up until silly hours at night (4am was my personal best last week!). I was delighted with how it was coming out. It was gorgeous. Bright, but not too bright. Traditional with a twist. I loved it.

This is what (part of) the sample looks like. Yes, I chose the blues (top left corner of the box in the picture above) and some of the browns/ocres (bottom row), with the yellow too. Isn’t it pretty?

See the pretty colours?? And, can you guess what it is?

See the pretty colours?? They look even better in real life. Also, can you guess what it is?

And then, I took one day/evening off knitting, and came back to it with fresh eyes. Tried it on… and noticed that, if only I had switched two little charts, it would have been perfect. Absolutely perfect. I thought I would love it more with those two charts swapped. However, starting over meant that my self-imposed deadline wouldn’t be achieved. But I’d rather be late and publish something I’m really proud of, rather than be on time, and know that it’s not perfect and could have been better.

So…. I put that sample aside, amended my charts and my notes, and cast on for the improved version. I’m now trying to knit faster… and I can foresee a few late nights in the upcoming days!

(stay tuned!)


Also…. I’m dying to tell you about a few exciting things coming up shortly, in the upcoming weeks, and months. And I can’t quite yet. But promise, very very soon, I’ll tell you more!

However, there is one thing I can tell you: Janice and I will be attending Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March 2015. Yeepee!!! We are really excited. If all goes as planned, we will be there for the two days, and will attend a class each! We’re very excited about that too!

Are any of you planning to go to Edinburgh Yarn Festival too? Perhaps we could meet there?


Right… I’d better get back to my stranded knitting!
Speak soon,

Aurelie / spinnygonzalez


PS: I couldn’t face ripping out the first sample though, so it will be a gift under the tree for someone knit-worthy, if I have time to knit its mate by then!

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3 Responses to Playing with colours

  1. Margaret says:

    Could it be……a sock? Those colours are gorgeous…so whatever it is, we can’t wait to see it!

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