Chicken Wire and (French?) Onion Soup

I had plans for an interesting post about spinning for sock yarn, or so I thought. But this past week has been rather busy, and my “me-time”, which is supposed to be just a few hours for (almost) myself on a Friday, has vanished today as I had a rather intense mummy-day, and the weekend promises to be along the same lines. Anyway, enough rambling: long story short, I have had virtually no time to write the post I planned.

Tonight, I needed a comfort food. The kind that makes you feel like you’re at your mum’s: warm to the stomach and kind to the soul. I had quite a few onions, some bread, grated cheese in the fridge… I decided to make an onion soup. Original, huh?

Now and again, in restaurants and shops, when I can see “onion soup” on the menu, or for sale, it is always sold as “French onion soup”. Why “French”? I have no idea, but it always makes me smile (if any of you know why onion soup is “French”, please let me know!).

So tonight, I made a (French?) onion soup. It may not be the way you find it in recipes, but it tastes good. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share this easy “recipe”, which doesn’t cost a lot, but brings quite a lot of comfort.

You will need: a large deep pan, 3-4 large onions (more if they are smaller), a good chunk of butter (forget any diet, be generous), a couple tablespoons of flour, salt, pepper, grated cheese, bread.

Slice the onions (don’t chop into tiny pieces). Melt the butter in the pan. Add the onions and let them cook until soft and transparent. Be careful not to let them burn. If they stick to the pan and become brown too quickly, add more butter. If it doesn’t work, add a glass of cold water and let them simmer. When the onions are cooked soft, add the flour, stir and let cook until golden. Add water and bring to boil. Let it cook slowly (no big bubbles!) and skim if necessary. Salt and pepper when the soup is almost ready to serve. Toast some bread (with grated cheese on top and in the oven if you’re patient enough). Serve the soup and toasts, grated cheese at the ready for those who want to add some to their soup. Enjoy.

Sorry, no picture. The soup was all gone before I thought of grabbing my camera.

On the knitting front…

Grillage – © Aurelie Colas

Grillage – © Aurelie Colas

For those of you, sock knitters, who may not have seen it yet, I released a new pattern, “Grillage”, at the beginning of the week, which is specifically designed to showcase variegated yarn (you know, the sort of skein we buy on impulse “ohhh pretty” with lovely colours).

Grillage – © Aurelie Colas

Grillage – © Aurelie Colas

This pattern is inspired by chicken wire (“grillage à poules” in French) and works equally well with a solid or semi-solid yarn. It also incorporates a roomy short-row heel featuring “shadow wraps”, for extra comfy socks.

Until Sunday 12th October, enjoy £1.00 off (no coupon needed) when checking out on Ravelry.

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