A wee break from knitting…

I have kept things quiet, as the past year has not been an easy one. Knitting and designing have been a great way to try to focus and maintain a link to the kindest people. And perhaps a gentle way to put my head in the sand too, but I’m okay with that.

Those of you who read my woolly adventures on Ravelry regularly would have noticed that I went missing from the forums from the end of last week, after I published my latest design, Balustrades and Slates Beanie and Slouchy Hat, to match the Windows and Balustrades Socks released recently.

… and if I haven’t reappeared quite yet on the forums, it is because my days filled up somewhat earlier than expected with the most adorable little bundle of joy. And I know that there is a little star out there looking after her.

Precious...  (©Aurelie Colas)

(©Aurelie Colas)

I will be back soon, with more knitting, more spinning, some weaving (no, I didn’t need another craft…), and of course more designing as it definitely helps me keep some sanity. In the meantime, I would like to thank all of you who have been so supportive and kind.


Aurelie / spinnygonzalez


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9 Responses to A wee break from knitting…

  1. whippety says:

    ……..the most beautiful bundle you could ever imagine…..many, many hugs to all of you Aurelie x

  2. Gillian says:

    Congratulations to you and your family Aurelie! Such wonderful news xx

  3. Julia says:

    Many congratulations to you all.

  4. That’s the best project ever. Jx

  5. Sue says:

    Happy, happy, joy, joy!

  6. Patti Link says:

    Oh such happy happy news!!! Congratulations!!!

  7. Isabelle Lefebvre says:

    Félicitations pour cet heureux évènement! Quelle plaisir de lire une si bonne nouvelle. Bienvenue à cette petite fille.

  8. Margaret says:

    Fantastic news!

  9. Lidija Omcikus - Krokfors says:

    Congratulations Aurelie, all the best from the bottom of my heart!

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