Fluff and stuff: a Woolfest haul

Just like last year, I had in mind that I wouldn’t buy yarn at Woolfest, because I have enough at home to open a yarn shop. There were a few tools that I wanted to find, and I had made a list of what I needed (blocking wires, a little flick carder, possibly a heddle which could fit in my little loom, etc), and of what I wanted: clasps to make some bags, and then fibre, some of which I had reserved and “just” had to pay and collect. I was also shopping for fibre (locks) for a friend, and searching for gifts for another couple of friends. See, I was or-ga-nised!

The recipients of the presents (who also read the blog) have now received their little parcel, so I can now disclose the pictures of my haul!

Here is pretty much all I bought:

Woolfest 2014 - Aurelies haul (1)

And here is what is really for me:

Woolfest 2014 - Aurelies haul (2)Yes, it is Hilltop Cloud-heavy… but that’s because her fibre is very yummy! The big bag on the right is a jumper-worth of fibre in a wonderful blend and colour, now discontinued. I am very lucky of having been able to buy it, and I hope I can do it justice.

But in the meantime, back to the Woolfest recap’… Aren’t you impressed? I am. And I haven’t spent all my budget. Ok, that was easier since there were no blocking wires to be found, and there was no heddle that could fit my little old loom, or even remotely match the heddle I had brought with me. So I came back home with a little flick carder to play with and a few bag clasps to make purses (I’m hoping to turn some into gifts!). I bought a few postcards here and there to show my support to some stalls, or when the rest was out of my budget (the lovely felted artworks, or the cashmere fibre). And I bought some fibre of course, but nothing too silly.


It was hard to resist this pretty face and little horns! (Jacob Sheep at Woolfest 2014)

The unplanned purchase was the two little batts (one ounce each, approximately) of Jacob sheep (the fluffy white/brown things top left of the second picture). I think I bought them because I spent a little time looking at the sheep, and wanted to buy a little something from the stall to support them. So I bought these two little batts, and a soap too.

And on the way back, I decided to not let these “extra batts” wait forever in my stash. So they jumped up the (mental) queue and made their way to my spinning wheel pretty soon after they entered my house. (Those of you who keep an eye on our Ravelry group have already seen the pictures below, sorry for that!).

Looking at the batts, my initial plan was to spin the white batt and the brown-ish one separately, and to ply them together to have one skein in the end, with a marl effect throughout. Then I weighted the two batts… and they were quite different, with the brown one being heavier than the white one. So I changed my plan and decided to make two skeins: one skein with only the white fibre, and one (bigger) skein with only the brown fibre. I split the batts in two, and spun each half…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the end, I have three skeins: a 25g skein of 2-ply white, measuring approximately 50 metres, a 30g skein of coloured yarn, measuring approximately 60 metres, and a tiny skein of about 2-3g, measuring about 5 metres. All in all, that’s about 110 metres of a DK(ish) weight yarn.

Now, I need to figure out what to do with them… I could look at them, keep them as memories of Woolfest, or perhaps turn them into something else, like a pair of (fingerless) mitts? And you, what would you do?


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3 Responses to Fluff and stuff: a Woolfest haul

  1. shaz says:

    Very restrained purchases hope I show the same at our wingham sampling day on Saturday………….A friend has made a lovely short row scarf from all those little bits you don’t know what to do with it is essentially lots of triangles that turn into a scarf I think the pattern is on Rav.

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Hee hee, yes I can see that a little project with all those bits and bobs can be quite satisfying indeed! Good luck for your sampling day… Actually, I’m going to one too! Not this coming Saturday, but the one after that. Could be dangerous indeed, but I think I’ll apply the same technique of a “shopping list” and see how it goes! 🙂

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