Do you know where I left my car keys? ….. The after effects of spending time with women of a certain age!

Yes……. we made it ……we survived Woolfest 2014!

Giant rainbow of fluff!

Giant rainbow of fluff!

For myself, it has taken almost a full week to recover from the excitement.  For Aurelie, I fear the consequences could be much worse. You will probably realise by now the fondness I have of my dear friend. (Sorry to make you cringe Aurelie x) She is my oracle, the wise owl who answers all my questions tirelessly and without complaint. (Even the ones I have asked 5 times!) She can juggle many tasks effortlessly and always with a smile! There would be no Auld Woolly Alliance without Aurelie.

On Monday morning while on the telephone to my friend you can imagine my shock when she said….Do you know where I left my car keys? It was only then I realised how bad the experience of the journey had been… see….Aurelie was in the car with four other women. Two of whom are approaching 50 at break neck speed, and two who already got there and waved bye-bye! The 2 1/2 hour journey to our hotel near Edinburgh went rather like this:

Could you move over a bit….I need to take off my jacket. Could you turn the heater up please? What was that lady called again? Could you put the window down please? Oh, I can’t remember. Do you remember? Can I use your book to fan my face? Could you move over a bit I need to put my jacket on…..need I say more? I hope with time Aurelie, the after effects of this journey will wear off and you will return to your normal state of mind but until then please accept our profound apologies.

Anyhow, I am now way off track….this post is meant to be about Woolfest! Yey!

With empty pockets, full bags, and many, many plans we returned home late on Saturday evening, just a little high on yarn fumes! The day was packed so full that we have decided to spread out the woolliness over a few posts, rather than just one.

The Adventures of Rambouillet and Bue-Face -- Back from Woolfest

The Adventures of Rambouillet and Blue-Face (And a few others) — Back from Woolfest 2014

You may remember from last time, I said I would like to take in one of the talks this year and that is exactly what I did. The Rare Breeds talk was given by Peter Titley, who was informative and full of enthusiasm, there was also a parade of very well behaved Rare Breeds. I really did want to take them home….and the Alpacas!!!! Apparently they make great pets, (I will suggest this to my hubby, perhaps after he has spend an evening in the pub…..after all I do have a very important birthday coming up!)

In order that you can share in my Rare Breed Woolly Adventure I have made a gallery below. (Courtesy of Aurelie and Gillian-as I forgot my own camera!) So if you just want just a quick peek you can have one……..However, if you want a bit more information, click on an image, this will take you to a slide show where you can see larger images, if you scroll down, each slide has additional information on the breed. Have fun!

I hope you enjoyed the wonders of the Woolfest Rare Breeds. Apologies to those in the know if I have mislabelled any of the breeds….I am definitely no expert!

See you again soon for the next installment of our Woolly adventure.


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