“Christmas in July” Starts Early

Ok…. Who stole the sleigh?

– Yes, I’m still in training! It’s not Christmas yet, is it? (Janice’s Rudolph Ramdeer is getting ready!)

Janice and I know all too well how rubbish we are when it comes to “gift knitting”, especially as the festive season comes up at the end of the year. Every year in January, we put together this amazing plan about starting early, knitting one gift a month and placing it carefully inside a “gift box”, wrapped up and everything, ready for the recipient. Clever, huh?

Christmas "Scot"-ing

Will you fill your stocking early? (Aurelie’s Christmas Scot-ing)

June update: So far, Janice has managed one sock. Aurelie is proud to announce having frogged the meagre attempt at the one project started in January… No progress since then. Clearly, we need action. And the help and motivation of others.

And so we bring you: “Christmas in July”! Assuming there are other knitters who, like us, need encouragement to get some gift knitting completed in time (please, don’t tell us we’re the only ones…), we thought we’d organise a little “knit along” to give everyone a kick start.

The game starts now, and the rules are simple: you knit a gift (or more if you are keen) before the end of July, and in doing so you will qualify for entry to a prize draw. Details, eligibility and prizes can be found in the Auld Woolly Alliance group on Ravelry.

Ready? Steady? Knit and gift!


PS: We are quite “cheater-friendly” and will accept “gifts to yourself” and “gift for your home” as projects for this KAL. Again, check the KAL thread in the group for all you need to know about eligibility and rules.

PPS: “KAL” stands for “knit-along” in Ravelry jargon.

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5 Responses to “Christmas in July” Starts Early

  1. Margaret says:

    Brilliant idea!!!!

  2. Sue says:

    What?!? Start the “Frantic Christmas Knitting” before Oct. 31? I don’t know if my heart can handle the stress!

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Well, I was hoping it could give me a little incentive to start the frantic knitting before mid-December, you see!
      Don’t stress too much though, we’re a very relax bunch, as you’ve probably guessed by now…
      Come and join the fun!

  3. Gillian says:

    Good idea and good incentive:) You are both ahead of me! I have started nothing! Not even thought about it…but , yesterday, l went to Hobby Lobby ( huge craft store here) and they have Christmas decorations for sale ( in June!). They have Christmas craft kits and yarns for sale too! So maybe I will start on something soon….
    Looking forward to seeing you both soon! Xx

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