We took the big plunge!

We have written about the wonders of Ravelry a few times already. It is a great place to search for existing patterns, keep track of one’s projects, look up yarn, etc. We have already mentioned (and used) the extraordinary facilities for self-publishing. But Ravelry is a lot more than that: it’s a community of people, all sharing the same interests: people can “meet” in forums and groups, exchange tips, educate each other, or simply chat and have fun.

Anyone on Ravelry can join any number of groups and there are groups about pretty much everything. Some groups are organised around subjects like socks, mittens, stranded knitting, spinning… and there are even groups about gardening, cooking, etc. Some groups are specific to a brand of yarn, to a wool and fibre festival …or to a designer.

Over the past few months, we’ve been asked a few times whether we had a group dedicated to the Auld Woolly Alliance on Ravelry, and if not, whether we would have one soon. So far, our reply was always along the lines of “…we’re thinking about it, yes! when? …well…”

It is not always easy to reply that the truth is that we’re a little scared of not being able to gather enough people interested in what we’re doing, and happy to play with us, knit along with us, and chat and all that. That’s it, I’ve said it, we’d chickened out.

And little by little, we stopped being chickens. Our experiments with test knitters were really interesting and taught us how valuable it was to exchange with a bunch of talented knitters. During Sock Madness, when the Rainbow Pipes were being knitted up by so many people, we figured out it was really good fun to have a “knit-along”, and that perhaps we could have more of that kind of little events.

And so, it happened. One afternoon, we actually sat down together, filled in the Ravelry form, and press the “start a group” button. That was as easy as that, and the Auld Woolly Alliance now has a group, and a forum, and already many lovely knitters have joined in and started chatting. And it’s great fun!

The Auld Woolly Alliance - Group Banner

The Auld Woolly Alliance – Group Banner

Of course, until now, there was not a lot happening, as we are slowly putting things together. And we would like to thank all the members of the group for their kindness to us, and their patience as we’re learning how things work. But we’re doing a bit of “work” and brainstorming behind the scene, and are now getting ready for our first “knit-along”!

So stay tuned or (better still) join the group, as we will give details very soon…

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5 Responses to We took the big plunge!

  1. lileepoppet says:

    Well done and looking forward to it! I just joined the group and tagged you as “Knitting Goddesses.” 🙂

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Welcome to the group, then! And thanks for the kind comment… Knitting Goddesses is something to be proud of, although it makes me blush a little. 🙂

    • whippety says:

      Welcome lileepoppet, we are honoured to have you join us. Aurelie is to the only one who blushes. Thank you!

  2. Margaret says:

    Great idea to have a group and thanks for inviting me!

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