Where did May go?

Janice and I wrote a couple posts at the end of April. And suddenly, June is here. It looks like we’ve missed a whole month. We are really sorry that we didn’t show up much here. Hopefully, you won’t be too cross at us… Actually, it’s been so hectic and random that Janice and I didn’t actually see each other for a full month…


Sock Madness Update!

Rainbow Pipes and Linen - ©Aurelie Colas

Rainbow Pipes and Linen – ©Aurelie Colas

Last time I wrote to you all about Sock Madness, I was competing for the last spot in my team, and the design was one of my own. I had a few i-cords to complete, eleventy billion ends to weave in, and only one single spot was left to continue on the competition… Suspense was high!

And yes, I made it! As usual when “competing” in Sock Madness, I took some bad lighting picture (Sock Madness always seem to involve obligatory crap pictures of finished socks, usually in the wee hours of the night…), sent my email to the Judges of Sock Madness who came back to me a few minutes after (these minutes seemed to take forever I tell you) to let me know that, yes, I had grabbed that last spot, and was still in the game for the next round! Yeepee!

My Sock Madness Competition Rainbow Socks... which went to live with Janice!

My Sock Madness Competition Rainbow Socks… which went to live with Janice!

And then… I realised that I was supposed to go on holidays. Just when the next pattern would be out most likely. This is exactly what happened, and the (pretty!) pattern for Round 5 came out while I was spending some quality family time on the West Coast of Scotland, in a lovely cottage with no phone or Internet network…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the time we were back home, almost all spots in my team were filled up already and I stood no chance. So I bowed out, and am now cheering on my fellow team mates. At this point, Round 6 is almost over, and the pattern is amazing, and I really really want to knit it (at my own pace) but time flies…


So… what did I do in May, you may ask?

Two months on the needles, but oh so comfy!

Two months on the needles, but oh so comfy!

Aside from our lovely (and well-deserved) holidays, and aside from the usual “life-happens” things which take a good chunk of the days and weeks, I have knitted quite a bit, although I have no finished object to show for it. Except for a pair of stripy socks started more than 2 months ago!

But… I have a few designs in progress that, hopefully, I can share with you sometime “soon” (for some of them: this month if all goes well, self-imposed deadline…). So, I can’t even show you any picture just now!

The Knitting Goddess 4ply Hight Twist BFL - ©The Knitting Goddess

The Knitting Goddess 4ply Hight Twist BFL – ©The Knitting Goddess

Or perhaps I can… What about a picture of the yarn used in the first design? It is a lovely, squishy, skein of sock yarn, with a shine and a drape, and a high twist: The Knitting Goddess 4ply High Twist BFL. BFL stands for Bluefaced Leicester, a breed of sheep which gives fibre with a long staple, and a nice sheen and drape. This yarn has the added value of being spun in the UK (in Yorkshire), and dyed in the UK too!

Isn’t it pretty? And I tell you… it is also very lovely to knit with!


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