Resolutions time… or not.

Found in a giftshop

Found in a giftshop

I am a little embarrassed to write a clever little something after Janice’s last post, which, as she guessed, would make me blush quite a bit. I don’t think I deserve all those kind words, really. Had I not met her, I would probably not have tried myself at designing, and actually writing down and publishing my designs. I have certainly grown a lot as a knitter, and also as a human being, thanks to her, and will never thank her enough for that.

So… What could I write next?

It is that time of year where one is supposed to make (good) resolutions. New beginnings, clean slate and all that. I am not the kind of person who takes resolutions for my everyday life, mostly because I know they won’t last long (a few days at most). As Janice is temporarily away from a computer, I thought I would try myself at this “exercise”, and write a little about my “plan” for this year.

There is one “field” however where I find it entertaining and stimulating to define “resolutions”, or, more precisely, general guidelines, and follow them more or less: crafting.

My new pal...

My new pal…

Like I explained last year, I have just moved to a little house, and it changed quite a few things to my crafting habits. The new place means a lot of time spent doing all kinds of DIY and decorating, and as a consequence, less time for crafting. But it also means more space and opportunities, and a new creative environment.

Something I particularly enjoyed is re-visiting my stash and dreaming about new projects for it. Organising a little office corner in the new house has also been very beneficial, as I see the value of having a dedicated space to work and design, and being able to leave my stuff there, without taking over the family space. This sounds like a resolution, huh?

Anyway… Amongst other things, my interest for quilting and sewing has been growing these past months. But like all crafts I have been undertaking so far, I am mostly entirely self-taught. Trials, errors, and light-bulb moments are my usual way of learning. Which also means that I probably don’t do things the “right” way, but I am ok with that. No crafting-police have yet come to my door.

When I get round to working on my first “quilting” project (I have just bought some fabric for it), I may share a little bit of my journey here, if that’s ok. I know it’s not knitting. But it’s about making fabric, and playing with it. And having fun while learning from it.

My current spindle spinning project: yummy colourful rolags

My current spindle spinning project: yummy colourful rolags

As far as fibre-related crafts are concerned, if I had one resolution for this year, it would be about spinning. I am still a beginner spinner, and yet, I find the process of creating yarn from fluff extremely soothing and relaxing, and challenging at the same time. Spinning a bit of fibre always keep my brain focused, and it can be quite a technical process, while being totally hands-on and about feeling the fluff and the twist forming to create the yarn.

She needs more love

She deserves more love…

So, this year, I want to spin re-gu-lar-ly. Ideally, once a week would be nice. My plan is to write down on a little calendar every day that I spin, so I can see in a glance if I’ve spun recently or if it only feels like I spun last week when in fact it was three weeks ago. I have never tried to monitor an activity that way, but I have heard that actually using a calendar to mark things down is a great way to have plans like this to work. So I’ll give it a try! (Can you tell organisational/administrative skills are not my forte?)

Of course, I want to keep on with my designing plans, and try to write down and share those silly (or not so silly) projects that come to my mind. I have a few things in mind for the first quarter, but I cannot share too much about them yet. Mostly because they are still very early in the process and 99% chance will change quite a bit before being released “out there”. What I can tell you is that a future design will use some tweedy yarn. I am not committing much, am I?

Janice and I have a few ideas for the blog too, which we’ve discussed recently. But I’ve also had a few ideas this past week that I have not had a chance to share them with her. I’ll keep you updated, but… it could involve some kind of game or contest for those who want to play with us.

One of my current projects: a blanket (although it doesn't look like one for the moment).

One of my current projects: a blanket (although it doesn’t look like one for the moment).

As for knitting, I have a huge problem these past days. I want to knit all the things. Really. All of them. Jumpers, cardigans, blankets, hats, mittens and socks. I think it is quite common at this time of year, but still, I find it a little overwhelming to be honest.

So, like the rest, I need to (learn to) prioritise, and cast on some projects that are really needed. Just now, I am actively working on a blanket I started months ago. I really would like to have it done soon, before winter ends, so I can put it on my bed for extra warmth. But The Man also needs a jumper, and I could do with one too…

I need to knit faster. And grow more arms.

What about you? Do you take (knitting/crafting) resolutions? And what are they? And do you have any tips?

Hoping for a peaceful and nice year for everyone.

Aurelie x

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2 Responses to Resolutions time… or not.

  1. Krisluvswool says:

    GASP! Your traddy and my traddy are practically twinsies!

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      How cool! Sister-wheels from across the pond 🙂
      Isn’t it funny that they are pretty much older than we are?

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