Reflections of 2013

A week ago Aurelie wrote a beautiful and sensitive post explaining her need to be quiet this Christmas and knowing we would all understand. She left us with words of thoughtful contemplation and was confident I could take the reins and present a final post to end this year.  For The Auld Woolly Alliance, 2013 has been a year of highs and terrible lows, of happiness and heartbreaking pain. Neither of us will be sad to bring this year to an end. And, I am sure you will join Aurelie in her hope that 2014 will be ‘a little brighter’.



And so, I will do my best to lead you towards 2014 with a smile…..

Neither Aurelie nor myself are particularly adept at ‘blowing our own trumpets’. Self promotion (we have discovered) is a quality that now seems necessary to achieve success whilst competing with so many talented designers out there. However, it is a skill that we both find very difficult.

Of course, it is much easier to enthuse about each other! (I can feel Aurelie cringing as she reads this!) Aurelie describes herself as a French compulsive knitter and this is very true. especially the compulsive part! But my friends, she is way, way more than that! 2013 has proved Aurelie to be a pretty amazing designer and a skillful pattern writer too. In her last post she mentioned her eBook and I hope she feels ready to share the details with you soon. But until then I feel she deserves a little praise from ‘moi’.  In my ‘humble’ opinion, this eBook is a ‘Work of Art’ for any aspiring knitter.  A pattern by Aurelie Colas will take you on a voyage of discovery where you will learn a little history, a little humor, a mountain of new skills (and I really do mean ‘new’ as some of them she invents!) and I think a little about her character too.  (I know she will be blushing right now but she truly deserves the praise.

Aurelie, I feel you need to change your blog introduction to ‘French compulsive designer and knitter’.

In November Aurelie and I took part in The Indie Designers Gift-a-long, a promotion organized by the Indie Designers Group on Ravelry. You can read more about the event here. This proved to be a very positive step for both of us. The introduction to a completely new audience brought a boost in sales and made us a few new friends along the way. Then, in early December Aurelie released Sheepy Draughts…..and a Wolf Too.  This is and awesome pattern. inspired by an unusual field of sheep spotted on a recent train journey she made between Inverness and Aberdeen.

Well, I think she was just a little ‘gobsmacked’ by the response this design received from all you crazy knitters out there. I think the phrase to use is, ‘it went viral’! The views on the blog went skyhigh, it was all very exciting. Oh, and I must add a ‘Welcome” to all the new followers who joined us too!

Anyhow, I think I have chatted a little more than usual. And, at this time of year you are probably all too busy to read.  So, I will swiftly move on to the post that Aurelie thought I was writing! Which was to talk about ‘Wee Black Face Sheep’s adventures at the North Pole.’

If you have been keeping up with recent posts you will know of Wee Black Faced Sheep and his travels. So I will try to keep things brief…..

After a few practice flights Rudolph Ramdeer perfected his maneuvers and joined Prancer, Dancer, Vixen and the gang in transporting Santa on his Christmas Eve deliveries. After a well earned rest and a few wild parties (not sure of the order) our wee friend is on the move again. He will be returning to Scotland in January to once again celebrate the birthday of Robbie Burns, and to say last farewells to family and friends before his worldwide adventures truly begin.

So, from Aurelie and myself we hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas. ‘Cheerio/ Au revoir’, for now.  We look forward to joining you all again in 2014.

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