For the love of Herdy xx

Herdy, Grasmere, Cumbria and Herdy, Hawes, North Yorkshire.

Herdy Shops

Yes, I am a huge fan of anything Herdy.   With items in their shop such as the Herdybank, the Herdy Herb-pot and the Yarn Journey Tote Bag. Really?… Can you blame me?

I have not yet had the opportunity to visit the ‘bricks and mortar’ Herdy shops (yes, there are now two!). I stick to the virtual one for now, but I do find it difficult not to ‘Add to Basket’!

Of course, I could be a teeny weeny bit biased in that I have been lucky enough to work with the Herdy team on a couple of occasions in the past.

Herdy Jumper and Beanie Knit Pattern

Herdy Jumper and Beanie Knit Pattern

My latest adventure led to this pattern (picture on the right) which was recently launched for sale on the Herdy website.

The jumper and beanie designs utilise the bright colours so typical of Herdy and are knitted in Herdywool, a beautifully soft and chunky 100% wool yarn.

I also used Herdywool in my most recent self-published pattern Cosy Cabled Toe-Up Socks (see the bright turquoise sock?) and also in my new Toe-Up workshop. Did I say I like the bright colours already?

Oh, and just in case any member of my family is reading……..

And, remember… Mummy loves you, but she also loves Herdy x

(To those who are now shouting out, ‘I have already finished my Christmas shopping!’. My fingers are in my ears and I am not listening.)

(If you want to read more about the ethics of the Herdy company, have a peek here)

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