DIY Thursday: Curtain-Rods? No, Buttons!

It is not easy to write a new post after that so special last one. Anything seems so futile. So I am not going to try to find a nice transition, and will simply share with you the post I had intended to share for a while now.

It was supposed to be entitled “DIY Sunday”, as I did the first batch of what-I’m-going-to-share-with-you on a Sunday. But since tomorrow I’ll be doing some more (and because tomorrow is Thursday), I thought it could be aptly renamed “DIY Thursday”. Smart, huh?

Your dad / husband / partner / significant other / neighbour / … (pick your own) has just finished installing wooden curtain-rods in the livingroom. These rods which you chose (a while ago) carefully, lovingly, to match the furniture and/or the perfect curtains you’ve decided to (hand)sew yourself because you couldn’t find anything in normal shops that would be just like what you had envisioned. Of course, the curtain-rods you had bought were slightly too long for the size of your windows, and your dad / husband / etc (you see who I mean) has been slightly irritated by the fact. You tried to explain that it’s better to have them too long than too short, and that the next length down available in the shop would have been too short. He could always cut them, right?

So your dad / husband / etc… cuts the rods to the right length, and installs them in place. You hang the curtains (or you don’t, if you have not quite finished the (hand)sewing…). You start tidying up. And, suddenly, you come across those short pieces of wood just cut off the too-long rod. Your dad / husband / … grumbles something like “just chuck them in the bin”. And without even thinking you jump in and say “no! we’ll keep them. You never know, they can come in handy”.

Needless to say that your dad / husband … rolls his eyes to the ceiling, and grumbles a little more. Surely you must have lost your marbles. But he knows that it’s not the right time to argue, and he tidies the short wooden bits at the back of a cupboard.

Years later, you have just completed a (secret) knitting project. You have just been (twice) to the wool and haberdashery shop because you had forgotten something (twice), and you forgot (twice) to buy buttons for that project. It’s just past closing time for that shop and you don’t want to wait ’till tomorrow. Nothing in your button box of course, because you don’t keep 1-inch wooden buttons in your tin. One-inch-and-a-bit wooden buttons would be perfect for your project.


From Curtain-Rod to Button

And suddenly, you have this idea: “well, I’m sure I could make buttons myself”. Next question is of course: “hubby/dad/… do you remember where you put the leftovers of the curtain track poles, 5 years ago? I told you they would come in handy. They would be just peeeeeerfect for what I have in mind”.

Hubby/dad/… rolls his eyes to the ceiling, rummages through boxes and cupboards with you. Eventually you find the wooden thingy. Ask for the handsaw. Ask for the sand paper. Ask for the gimlet. And get busy with all that.


Rustic Curtain-Rod Buttons

Proud as a peacock, you show him your buttons. And say with a broad smile: “I told you that it was a good idea to keep these! See! Now, who was right, huh?”

… of course, I would have never said that. But I’ve got the perfect rustic buttons for my project-which-I-can’t-quite-share-with-you-but-soon.

Aurelie's Handspun Stripy Socks

Aurelie’s Handspun Stripy Socks

And as an aside, because I’m quite proud of them: here is my first ever pair of handspun socks. They fit, they are comfy, warm, and not ugly. Handspun and handknitted with my little fingers. Just for me.

Are you jealous?

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2 Responses to DIY Thursday: Curtain-Rods? No, Buttons!

  1. Kate Noble says:

    Ingenious button creation! Should have you on that telly show “Superscrimpers”! tee hee
    pretty socks…….*must stop admiring the pretty socks and do some work*

    Kate xx

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Thanks Kate! Well, I don’t watch telly so never heard of that show. But I think I get the idea… Surely I can’t be the only one keeping leftovers of curtain rods, huh? Am I?

      As for the socks… perhaps you should cast on socks, and take them to work and knit there when you’re in a boring meeting? Well, ok, perhaps you never have a boring meeting. Lucky you!


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