Illusion knitting at The Glen Gallery

Later this week I am off once again ‘workshopping’ to The Glen Gallery, Northern Ireland.

The Glen Gallery

The Glen Gallery, Cullybackey, Northern Ireland

With each visit my hope is to bring something new. To set a personal challenge in finding a technique, skill or stitch that is a surprise to participants.

Back in June, my first visit of 2013, we worked on James the Galway Sheep.

James Galway

James Galway

I have an affinity to toy design, but many knitter’s are put off by the idea of small and finicky pieces and many hours of sewing-up time! However, with a little searching you will find many gorgeous toy patterns which are completely seamless (or nearly so).  Such as the wonderful monkey pattern Aurelie recently made for her little boy.



Monkey Jacobus by Annita Wilschut can be found on Ravelry, along with many others.  How about the ‘ever so cute’ Elijah by Ysolda Teague?

Elijah by Ysolda Teague

With toys such as these to inspire, along came James Galway.…….And the only sewing required is the darning of ends and of course, his ‘wee face’.



As for new techniques, I think we managed to surprise a few, with provisional cast on, afterthought ‘arms’, and a heel turn at the head!

For September’s workshops we are to tackle Illusion Knitting, otherwise known as Shadow Knitting.  In this technique the design seems to magically appear and disappear as you move around the knitting and vary the angle in which it is viewed.

Diagonal Blocks

Diagonal Blocks

As with many knitting techniques it sounds more complex than it actually is to knit.

I have had a lot of fun exploring the magical effects of Illusion Knitting, I hope my victims…oops…participants enjoy their day too!

Shadow Knitting Workshop Projects

Shadow Knitting Workshop Projects

Star Illusion Blanket by Katie Ahlquist

By the way, did I mention the hidden dangers of visiting The Glen Gallery? A well stocked yarn, fabric, craft, bead, book, needles, gifts, felt, button, haberdashery heaven?  In June I managed to escape lightly, enhancing my stash by only 200 grms of Araucania Botany Lace, for Star Illusion Blanket by Katie Ahlquist.

Anticipating my lack of will power in the face of such temptation.  I received a well meaning lecture from Aurelie regarding stash buying and the lack of space in my stash boxes.  All I can say is…..I still have two beds with nothing under them, and I hope to live for a very long, long time to come!

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