Christmas-in-July in August

I know, I know… I had said “August 15th” in my previous post. I think I only made a typo there, and it should have read 25th. If I had written 25th, I would have been just fine. Fine for what you may ask? For this:

Christmas "Scot"-ing

Knit yourself a Christmas “Scot”-ing!
Or make one for a very special (little) person in your heart…

Yes, I fiiiiiiinally released the pattern for a design very dear to me, the prototype of which I had knitted back in October 2012. Better late than never… Who knows, I may be like red wine, getting better as time passes.

Anyway, there it is, for real. You can read more about it on my design page too. The pattern is 14 pages long, with many colourful charts, detailed explanations, and even step-by-step directions for sewing the fabric lining. And yes, I even included sewing templates, with instructions on how to adapt it to match your stocking. I am genius.

Ok, I am not, I know. But it’s getting late, I am low on caffeine (this may be a lie…) and I feel a bit like Cortex*, with a plan to take over the world…

Give me a second, I’ll grab a (another) cup of coffee.

I’m back. Thanks for waiting. What was I saying already? … Hum. Ok. Well. Perhaps this could stay between you and I, right?

* Wikipedia taught me that you may know Cortex under the name of “the Brain”, from Pinky and the Brain. This tells you my age probably though. Bad, bad…

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3 Responses to Christmas-in-July in August

  1. Kate Noble says:

    Yay for Pinky and the Brain 🙂 many a childhood hour spent watching that. such a pretty pattern for the “Scot”-ing, have to add it to the pile of ones to do once I master knitting in the round!

    Kate x

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Thank you, Kate! Well, knitting in the round is always one stitch at a time, you know… 🙂
      And, added bonus, you always have the right side facing you! So, jump in, and if you need help, you know how to find me…

  2. Kate Noble says:

    Awh thank you 🙂 went and splurged on some round needles on eBay so watch this space!! tee hee

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