And now………we bring you Patti, Ewedora and Meg Swansen!

In early July, over 50 enthusiastic knitters made their way to Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA, for the 40th anniversary of a nationally famous knitting camp. These knit camps were founded in 1973 by the icon Elizabeth Zimmermann, a British born knitter who revolutionised knitting in her approach to seamless construction, circular knitting and engaging your brain while following instructions!!! These workshops are now continued by her daughter the hugely talented designer/author/ tutor Meg Swanson. You can read a little more about Meg, Elizabeth and the event here.  Or if planning a trip to the US in 2014, check the details for next years camp.

© KnittingGrams

© KnittingGrams

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted via Ravelry by the lovely Patti Link (KnittingGrams) to explain my ‘growing fame across the pond!’

For Patti, attending this event was “like a pilgrimage to Mecca”. She had watched Zimmermann during her television shows of the 1970’s and later admitted in an interview by a local paper covering the event: “Everything I know about knitting, I learned from her and now her daughter Meg.”

And so the story begins… Some time ago Patti had fallen for my Wee Black Faced Sheep. She purchased a kit from Wool for Ewe in Aberdeen and had it shipped to her home in the US.  Her needles clicked, and soon she had a new woolly friend named Ewedora.

Patti and Ewedora attended the 40th anniversary event together,  and soon became ‘the hit of the camp’ — which included an interview by the local press! Patti supplied my name and details to any who asked and added some very lovely compliments too.

From left to right - Meg Swanson, Ewedora and Patti LInk © KnittingGrams

From left to right – Meg Swansen, Ewedora and Patti Link
© KnittingGrams

At a time when the media constantly reminds us of the failings of the human race, I continue to be amazed by the kindness of strangers… It warms my heart to know that Patti, living hundreds of miles away from Scotland, and whom I have never had the pleasure to meet can be such a sweatheart!  Thank you Patti.  And, just to prove this is not a Fairy Tale she even attached a picture!

Now, how is that for fame?

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10 Responses to And now………we bring you Patti, Ewedora and Meg Swansen!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I call that serious fame.. You should have it framed.
    And I also reacall, years ago, a knitter in Russia, posting on Ravelry,, a charming poem in the cyrillic script about one of your elephants.
    Fame in both east and west.. global reknown ! (And you’re right, it also illustates how kind and generous with their time people can be.)

    Richly deserved.

  2. Gillian says:

    I love that your sheep is famous over here Janice!! Are your kits still for sale in Wool for Ewe? If so, I am thinking my mum could pop in next time they are in Aberdeen:)
    Aurelie… So touched by your kindness! Happy, happy, happy! Thank you! So excited to knit these socks xxx

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      And I am happy that the “chocolate box” made it safely across the pond! Happy knitting.
      Aurelie xx

  3. Patti says:

    Ewedora was the hit of the camp. You were the incredibly clever designer who created her. I just followed very easy and clear directions and knitted her. And then I knitted Ramsey. And now my grandson wants one. (He can’t have either of mine…) And they all need new clothes!
    I thank you for the kind words but I mostly thank you for giving me such a fun and happy project.

  4. meg swansen says:

    Dear Patti, Ewedora, Janice and Aurélie. What a nice circle has been completed. And as the great granddaughter of Annie McLaren, my Scottish blood surges at the lovely idea that my name is known amoung a few knitters in Scotland.

    • whippety says:

      Hello Meg, I think you will find that your name is known by more than ‘just a few’ knitters here in Scotland! How exciting to know that you have Scottish blood. McLaren was a popular name in my home town in Angus. Perhaps you would like to visit and undertake a workshop tour???!!!

  5. Neda culic says:

    Love the sheep!! Is the pattern available as i I’ve tons of frogs and monkeys. This would be a cute addition..

    • spinnygonzalez says:

      Yes it is! You can find information about the Wee Black Faced Sheep on Janice’s design page here (scroll down about 1/3 of the page), or check this direct link to the pattern page on Ravelry. On Janice’s design page, you will also see links to patterns for outfits for this very cute sheep!

      I am sure Wee Black Faced would go along quite well with frogs and monkeys. He/She is a friendly lad/lassie!

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