Uninterrupted knitting time…..yeehaw!

Today it is raining in the North East….it rains, and it rains….and it rains some more!  However,  Aurelie and I will not allow a little rain to dampen our spirits, for this evening we  make our way to Edinburgh by train.  We stay overnight, thanks to the hospitality of the lovely Lindsay (Rowan design consultant in John Lewis, Edinburgh).  Then, at 7.00am tomorrow morning we catch the Scottish Fibres bus to Cockermouth to spend the day at WOOLFEST!!!!!

I want one of these!

It is difficult to contain our excitment…..not only will we be in the company of real live sheep and exquisite yarn producers, but the journey will provide UNINTERRUPTED knitting time.  Texts have been flying back and forth this morning between us.  How many projects are you taking?  Is that a reasonable amount?  Do I need clothes? If I leave out my underwear and wash-bag could I fit in more yarn?  Do we have enough empty bags for our purchases? Will we need food? Ok, cake will do……what about chocolate?



We will tell you all about our visit very soon…….meanwhile, just to let you know…… Daffydowndilly – Wee Black faced Sheep Outfit No.4 has now been released.  All monies raised from the sale of this pattern will be donated to the Aberdeen branch of SANDS.

And now, I must go and finish my packing………x

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5 Responses to Uninterrupted knitting time…..yeehaw!

  1. Sue. says:

    Hi Janice, hope you both enjoy the Woolfest, don’t take too much down or you will not have space to bring everything you buy back! Marie from Caladonian Crafts the shop here in Nairn is also heading down there with two other ladies, you never know you may even bump into her, it is a small world after all.

  2. Alison says:

    Can you bring me back a sheep. I have grass needing cut. Shouldn’t be too much problem on a bus. Happy days :)))

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