Sanquhar Felted Hearts and a bottle of Beaujolais

We promised to bring some festive cheer to the blog by way of Christmas knitting. Aurelie has been working on the most amazing Christmas stocking!  It is truly beautiful and sure to become an heirloom for her little boy.  While she is busy pattern writing we have a little something to help put you in the Christmas mood.

Little Festive Knits

Sanquhar Felted Hearts are a collection of Christmas tree decorations that I recently completed for Rowan.  The pattern is now available on the Rowan website as a free download or as part of a downloadable booklet called Little Festive Knits. (registration or login is required but no fee)

And now for something completely different…………….

For those unfamiliar with Scottish/ French history it may be a puzzle as to why we chose to name our blog ‘the auld woolly alliance’  I can take no credit for this as I have to admit, it was Aurelie’s very smart idea.  But, please allow me to explain.

According to the history books, in 1295 Scotland and France formed a military alliance; both countries agreeing to help each other against the threat of attack from England. This treaty became known as The Auld Alliance.

Before the signing of this agreement Scotland and France had already enjoyed a close bond of friendship, mainly due to strong trading links. However, it is the belief of some that this friendship originally began due to the Scot’s love of the finest of French wines. (Which apparently were landed on Wine Quay of Leith in substantial quantities!)   It is therefore not surprising to learn that some of this French wine began to appear in traditional Scottish cooking.  Which brings me right back to the title of this blog post.   With a change to the usual knitting format, let us introduce you to some ‘auld alliance’ cooking.

Auld alliance beef in claret recipeArmed with a bottle of very French Beaujolais and 3lbs of very Scottish beef I set to work to prepare this hearty (and very boozy) Saturday evening meal.

It was rather tasty, even though I say so myself.  Aurelie was visiting relatives in France at the weekend so could not share in this culinary experience!  But, if you would like to try out this gastronomic delight you can find the recipe here:

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