“Thay wee boaties hae left th’ haven”

It seems ‘thay wee boaties’ have gone deep sea fishing quite far away, possibly as far as Norway, and certainly nowhere near the lovely harbour of my home town. Other than a small colour swatch, there has been little progress in my household. Unlike Aurelie, no frogging has taken place, not because I was ecstatically happy with my knitting but because there has been nothing to rip back!

However, despite my misdemeanours, I do have something exciting to share that has been a long time in the cooking pot. At last, my most recent designs for the Herdy company have been released. They come as two knitting kits, one a Herdy rucksack, the other a Herdy cushion. Each is available in a choice of 7 colours and can be ordered directly from the Herdy website (Herdy cushion and Herdy rucksack). Of course, once you have the kit, you also have the pattern and can then buy the yarn separately if you want to make another.

A weekend workshop at Wool for Ewe means Christmas socks will be occupying my needles for a few days. In my role of knitting tutor it is a busy time of year. As usual, confusing how quickly I require knitting projects and workshop notes to be finished with the actual hours involved continues to be a bit of a problem!

Optimistically, I hope this skill will improve with age but as I approach half a century, those around me roll their eyes and mutter…..Meanwhile, I await patiently for those naughty boats to come back into harbour.

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2 Responses to “Thay wee boaties hae left th’ haven”

  1. Susan says:

    I did the sock workshop. I have finished my first sock and am completely delighted and besotted with socks. Thank you.

    • whippety says:

      Glad you enjoyed the day Susan. I should have made it clear at the start of the class that sock knitting can be very addictive!

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