“Mither, thay wee boaties…”

When Aurelie told me of her little rhyme I thought it a perfect starting place for our first Auld Woolly Alliance design project. Armed with my translation of “Maman les p’tits bateaux”, Aurelie’s beautiful knitting charts and my sketch book, my design brain began to tick-tick-tick……………….

Next came the stash enhancing expedition. With Aurelie at the wheel, we set off on our woolly adventure to The Wool Shed (a wee knitters paradise in the lovely Garioch countryside of central Aberdeenshire).  I too chose 6 colours of the Alba Shetland 4ply.  Drawn by the beautiful jewel like colours of yarn, my head sees a wee lassie at the seaside wearing a pinafore dress that swirls around when she spins. My pins are itching to start but I must try to resist as I have important knitting missions to attend to!

It seems cruel to keep you waiting, I am slow… It is a 4 ply pinafore… It could be some time. I have 30 other projects on my needles!

In case you are wondering, my woolly counterpart has already started her slipover, and it looks rather exciting… a few waves… and…. Could that be a boat?

To keep you busy in the meantime. Book an appointment with your nearest and dearest niece, nephew, son, daughter or grandchild as we have a fun Halloween project coming up, check us out again next week to link to our first Ravelry download.

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2 Responses to “Mither, thay wee boaties…”

  1. Susan Wilson says:

    Just found your blog! Hopefully I will get to meet you on one of your workshops. Susan (from Stonehaven)

  2. whippety says:

    Will look forward to meeting you Susan.
    Kind regards,

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